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 From: ashnak

 Bev Harris says she can prove that the last election was fixed.
 Link to Democratic Underground thread and story.
 She is looking for people to safeguard her evidence also.

 I'm including two of her responses. maybe Bushco will bite the big one after all.

 (This is Bev talking now)

 I will post at least one thread a day on DU. If for some reason you don't see me posting any more, that's a bad sign.

 Oh, please!

 There are others working on this as well. I will check in with a source who will check in with each of them daily,
 and we'll make sure no one disappears.

 Is this a gag?
 If you spilled the beans already, there'd be no reason to shut anybody up - it would be out in the open
 and you'd be safe, but I think somebody is enjoying pretending they're Maxwell Smart.

 That being said, I am putting anyone who is following this on notice:
 The files and the proof have been distributed to a network.
 That network has distributed them to their network.
 Those people have been invited to distribute to their network.

 I wish I'd been sent a copy. Don't you want it distributed?
 Dozens of people read this page.

 The milk is spilled, and if anything happens to any one investigating this, everyone at each level of the networks,
 and their networks, has been notified to consider that a trigger to blow the story open.

 I have an idea - if you have something, why not post it?
 What's with the silly cloak-and-dagger routine?
 If you have something, show it to us and stop with these Joe McCarthy-type games.
"I have it, but I can't show you, but I have it, but I can't show you."

 Lawyers have been engaged.
 We are now working with the level of attorneys who protect activists from the government, in high profile cases.
 We will henceforth be following the advice of counsel.

 This is crap!
 Just post it - that is, if you actually have something...

 What was on that Diebold ftp site?
 I'm told that the identified files are the equivalent of the Pentagon Papers, perhaps worse.

 Don't ask us questions - this is your big scoop.
 Why don't you tell us what you've got?
 I don't like to be jerked around.

 Bev Harris
 Black Box Voting

 (I believe we're back to ashnak now)

 On edit: I was asked to post this so people will know the evidence has been thoroughly seeded, and that any attempt
 to muzzle those who worked on it will trigger much more attention on a much bigger scale.

 If Bev would SAY something, instead of wasting time fearing for her life,
 nobody could erase it from every internet site that runs it.

 I'm feeling really bad seeing all the "kudos to Bev." They belong to someone else,
 and I hope those people can receive appropriate credit as soon as possible.

 Look, I have no beef with Bev, I've never met her, never talked to her, never e-mailed her etc.
 I've heard her name come up in one conversation, so I have no grudge to grind here.
 But so far, this is one big handjob.   Is there a good reason to pussyfoot this thing to Jupiter and back?

 If you have something, let's see it.
 If not, stop playing 007.

 BevHarris (2991 posts)
 Reply to post #2 6. Following the advice of counsel on what to release and when
 That being said, journalists for two publications have it. One media source in the U.S., one outside.

 Bev, are you selling this story?
 Is that why you're playing "I got it, but nobody can see it?" with us?
 If you're selling this story, your motives are suspect.

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