From: Withheld

 This is a personal email and I ask that it not be printed.

 Let's get this out of the way, first.
 Surely, you meant to say, "Please don't identify me in any way."
 You can't send an e-mail this hot and expect me to ignire it.
 We'll call you Bevfan.

 I am a big fan and have been for a while.   I have to say the attack on Bev Harris totally caught me off guard
 and seemed unwarranted for someone who has the guts to go after probably the biggest issue facing our Democracy.

 OK, one thing at a time...
 Thanks for your opening.
 This has been brewing for about 12 hours, so retrospective is just starting.

 I didn't say Bev wasn't brave.
 I want the Florida 2000 story to hit the headlines as much as anyone reading this.
 But Bev is making some really, really wild claims, and then saying, "...or so they tell me..."

 She said this could be like the Pentagon papers.  She's almost claiming history.
 I read something (on her website or on DU) where she said (something like)
 her story COULD be the biggest story since 1776.
 This doesn't raise flags with you?

 I think the people who fail to notice her disclaimer are going to be shocked to tears when
 Bev writes, "Darn, turns out the proof wasn't as big as advertised."

 Because of Beverly and a hand full more like her, the issue of computerized voter fraud is finally getting more play,
 but ITS NOT EASY.    I have had files deleted in my email that were directed towards the voting issue.
 Its the elephant in the room issue right now and I think we're screwed if we don't do something about it.

 Bevfan, hopefully, after 1100 issues, I can recognize the elephant in the room.
 If Bev said she had a cure for cancer, would I be "pro-cancer" if I asked to see her proof?

 I have always admired your fearlessness in exposing the truth when the media and our government
 are refusing to be honest.  At the same time, do you think there is no risk in what she is doing?

 BF, I realize you haven't had a chance to respond to this yet, but either I'm right, or Bush is toast.
 The biggest risk I see Bev taking is the credibility torpedo that will explode when her evidence isn't there.
 Does anybody remember Geraldo Rivera breaking into Al Capone's vault?

 The first quote is exact, the second is from memory:

 Quote 1   "I'm told  that the identified files are the equivalent of the Pentagon Papers, perhaps worse."

 Quote 2  (paraphrase)  "I pulled back the really hot stuff because it was too hot."

 Bottom line :  Either she personally has a really big scoop with a big impact or she doesn't.

 To me, she is a maverick in her own realm.
 On the other hand, she may not be, but who are any of us to condemn her at this point?
 From your tone, you discredited her and made her appear guilty of swindling us before you have any evidence
 (that I know of) of your own to prove she's not being forthright.  I think you were pretty premature and unfair in your
 reaction and it baffles me why you came on so strong to someone trying to do something incredibly positive and necessary.

 Hopefully, I have attacked what I consider to be Bev's extremely wild claims.
 If I have attacked her personally, I apologize and regret my bad manners.

 I would think if anyone would know the value and incredible importance of standing by those who are trying to face
 the Goliaths of the world, it would be you, Bartcop.    I wrote today because you are one of my favorite sites and I have
 rarely if ever disagreed with you, but this one really stung.   This was going after the wrong person - she needs your support,
 not your scorn.   If in time, it seems as though it were a hoax, which I could hardly see it being, then that's fair game.

 I'm from Missouri.
 Bev is making really big promises, with "earthshaking" consequences, but saying,   "...or so I'm told."

 For now, I hope you will show your support and/or be fair.
 You may not be scared of the 'baddies' of the world, but its not wise
 to assume that everyone else will handle situations like you do.

 My intention was to point out, that publishing the information would provide security for her.
 My guess (this is a guess) is she's weighing the profits from the book vs the odds of being assassinated.
 She prefers the money, and I don't fault her for that. But her choice of the money over her safety
 tells me she thinks she's safe enough.

 Anyway thats it.   I think you rock otherwise.
 And again, please don't print this***
 Im not into being a subject line on Bartcop,
 I just wanted to let you know this because I think its important what she is doing.

 Thanks alot and take care!

 BF, I promise your name won't be in any subject lines.
 You could be Ted from Alberta, or Louise from Tuscaloosa.

 Finally, look at the position I'm in.
 I've created a bet that I hope to Christ I'm going to lose, BIG-time.
 For a gambler, that's f-ing paradise. That's having four aces.

 Either that Ozy fella is going to send the American Cancer Society $100,
 or the Illegal Usurper will leave office a proven fraud and illegitimate bastard.

 I'll be on my knees kissing Bev's feet if she really has what she claims she has.

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