We're picking up a couple of  new readers a day,
 and by my good Catholic math, by the end of Smirk's second term,
 we'd have about one-tenth of one percent of the Gore popular vote total.

 Teetering isn't something I can do forever.
 I'm getting old, and the GOP is getting stronger.

 Even though the Democrats won the popular vote in the last three elections,
 the whites-only, religiously-insane, gun-toting tobacco whores now control the White House,
 both Houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the military and the media.

 We can't sit back and whine as the GOP continues their successful takeover.
 I say we fight!
 We have to fight.

 We can't wait!
 I don't care what Sollozzo says about a deal.
 He's gonna kill Pop, that's it.
 That's the key for him - we gotta get Sollozzo.
 We can't wait!

 ...whoops, sorry, that's from Godfather One.

 But we can't wait either.
 We can't let them build up their strength.
 We've got to stop them early.
 We've got to stop them like they should've stopped Hitler at Munich.

 We have to FIGHT and we have to FIGHT NOW!
 They've already taken over!
 If we don't fight back now, we may as well just start building pyramids.

 The time to strike is upon us.
 We can fight back, or we can be sheep.
 We've already lost the right to vote - what's next?

 Look at it this way:
 Susan McDougal went to prison for YEARS to prevent them from winning.
 Susan McDougal is a trooper!

 Nobody's asking you for a sacrifice that big.
 Maybe just a mention to a friend or a few bucks to feed the advertising monster.

 We need the BIG hammer working overtime.

I say we give the mother-effers hell!

I say we FIGHT BACK!

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