Sweep weeks are fund-raising weeks here at bartcop.com
  I don't want to be a politician and try to raise money 365 days a year, so it's sweeps weeks only.
  Right now, we're at the ten-yard line concerning another big media buy.
  I'll be in New York (with my publicist CAL) starting May 11th, it'd be nice to walk in somebody's
  building and write a check and buy an ad, or a commercial, or whatever New York has to offer.
  If, somehow, the May sweeps turns out to be hueueueuege, we might buy two.
  bartcop.com  started as a little acorn. Now, it's a bigger acorn, but we need a big oak tree
  if we're going to pound somebody with that big hammer.
  So, consider a donation to help fight the Evil Empire, the Illegal Occupation of the White House
  You can go Claven mail at PO Box 54466, Tulsa, OK 74155 or click the Visa logo below.

 Here's how I see it:

 We're fighting for our freedom.
 We're fighting tyranny, persecution and oppression.
 We're fighting to overturn the total Republican takeover.
 We're fighting for the right for our vote to mean something.

 Now is the time for us to declare that we will not go quietly into the night.
 We will not let Cheney, Rove and Rumsfeld and the thieves on the Supreme Court take our country from us.

 I say we fight!

 We've got to stop them now.
 We've got to stop them like they should've stopped Hitler at Munich.

 We have to fight and we have to FIGHT NOW!
 They've already taken over!

 How much longer should we wait to fight back?

 If we don't fight back now, we shouldn't even bother with elections, anymore.
 The people who organized the Illegal Occupation of the White House are stacking the High Court.

 The time to strike is now..
 We can fight back, or we can be sheep.
 We've already lost the right to vote - what's next?

 We need the BIG hammer working overtime.

 I say we give the mother-effers hell!
I say we FIGHT BACK!

 bartcop.com  is growing, but that acorn is still very small.

 I'm white, straight, agnostic, male, 47, healthy and self-sufficient.
 The GOP can't do too much to hurt me.
 Hell, I own guns, I'd like to see them try.

 But the non-whites, the non-straight, the believers, women, the elderly, the young,
 the non-healthy and those who depend on others have every reason to fear losing everything
 so the super-rich can have their $9,000 per day taxpayer windfall.

 Just wait until Bush unveils our new National religion.
 Think it can't happen?

 The day this was written, April 26, the Republican-controlled House
 passed a bill that defines fetuses as human beings.

 A woman's right to control her reproduction options is under attack,
 and do we see  anybody fighting back?

 It looks like Bush's monster tax cut for the wealthy will become a reality
 because the Democrats are too scared to stand up to him.

 Bush wants to take your tax money and give it to religious organizations.
 The Moonies have given the Bush family tens of millions of dollars.
 They are about to be paid back.
 I don'
t know about you, but I'd look stupid bald but for my ponytail.

 Look what's happening to your energy bills.
 That's not an accident.
 America is drowning in energy - this crisis is manufactured by BIG OIL.
 The crisis is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the board rooms of Mobil/Exxon.

 The Grand Canyon - all under attack.
 Bush's friends want to mine, drill and "develope" America's most precious lands.
 Who will raise a voice to stop them?
 If you say "The Supreme Court," welcome to your first day at bartcop.com

 Clinton (perhaps) smoked pot and tried to stop a war.
 That makes him bad.
 Bush can't answer cocaine questions and he's a wartime deserter.
 That makes him good.

 The press is fawning over every move President Weak & Stupid bungles.
 They refuse to mention his felonies, while hounding Clinton for (perhaps) jaywalking.

 The list is endless, but that last item is, to me, the scariest.
 Since the American whore press won't tell us the truth,
 and the Supreme Court will rule whichever way suits Republicans, we're in trouble.

 Shall we lay back and enjoy it?

 I say no.

I say we fight!

 You might be thinking,
"Why is Treehouse Comedy Boy trying to lead some bullshit internet revolution?"

 Hey, like everybody, I have mood swings.
 I mostly just want to have a few laughs and have a good time.
 But when I get pissed off, I fight back.
 When I get outraged, I want to attack the guilty.

 But the tiny acorn won't do the job.

 Besides, if we don't fight back, who will?
 The fake Democrats?
 The scared bunnies?
 The pink tutu Democrats?

 They are afraid to fight.

 If you agree with most of the ideas expressed here,
 if you think something of value is being written on  bartcop.com,
 a contribution would spread those ideas to more people.

 ...before it's too late.

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 Make checks, money orders to:
 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155

 Last thing:
 Contributions are not tax deductible, but consider this:
 We get more hits here each day than the margin of "victory" Smirk claimed in Florida.
 If we can change just a few minds, expose a few lies, point out a few frauds...

 ...wouldn't it be something if we actually made a difference?

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