I saw your request for help in finding Clinton baseball cards.  I couldn't find any direct links
to anyone selling these cards on the web, but I have found two items which may help you.
Click on this link:

and then click on Bill Clinton Baseball Cards under the "Events Calendar,"
and it will give you this:

August 13 - ???
Bill Clinton Baseball Cards
Hot Springs Civic & Convention Center
501-321-2277 or 800-922-6478

These exclusive Bill Clinton Collective baseball cards will be offered to Garland County Residents
on August 10th from 12pm to 1pm. Anyone outside of  Garland County can receive one card of the
distributers choice by mailing a  self-addressed, stamped envelope to:
Hot Springs Convention Center
134 Convention Blvd.
Hot Springs, AR 71901

I also found this:
This is a catalog of Bill Clinton collectibles with lots of campaign memorabilia,
but unfortunately, it has some anti-Clinton stuff too.
A single baseball card is about two-thirds of the way down, and the listing looks like this:

K9190A Bill Clinton: Clinton baseball card. Produced 1993 by Triple Play.
Shows Clinton throwing out the first ball. $15.00

If all else fails, you can write to Pres Clinton himself and see if he knows of any sources.

President Bill Clinton
55 West 125th Street
14th Floor
New York, NY  10027



 These instructions are from Arkansas Times. Send SASE to:

Hot Springs Advertising and Promotion Commission
P.O. Box K
Hot Springs, AR 71902

While supplies last, the Times said. No price was mentioned.
I guess that means they're promotional. There are three different cards.
They printed 100,000 of each, but one of the TV stations said there
would be a second printing. I hear demand is good.


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