From: Bojan Cahtarevic

 Subject: To Bartcop from a 3rd world yack

 Sorry for not anwsering you for quite some time, but I took a little vacation on the island
 of Korcula ( you can see it at, its a popular medditeranean tourist
 destination in Croatia thats some 5 hours drive + 30 minutes by ferry away from where I live.

 Its an old Venetian trading port, full of cultural treasures including the works of classical masters
 such as Leonardo DaVinci, Raphael, Tizian and many other famous artists. The place also has
 some really famous wines that are affordable. Maybe you or any of your readers could try a
 vacation there if Vegas ever bores you. better make it soon, this year Dollar is worth gold
 in europe thanks to your hyped economy. In Korcula for 80$ you can stay 7 days
 in a 4 star hotel, breakfast and dinner included .)...
 Im glad that you (and i hope all the readers of your site ) enjoyed the little tour of my humble country,
 trust me there is so much stuff going on here that I whould need a 500 page report to come close to
 telling something, its such a big mess here. But nevertheless ill let you and your readers in when
 something really interesting happens. If you want I can also send you some really nice photos
 of the countryside.
 Yes, I would like very much to see your pictures.

 On the luxuries ( such as Chinaco ) here:
 Well besides such grave things as 40 % unemployment, a thriving black market ( if you took a look
 into tax books you would think that nobody drinks and smokes here, but that stuf is all smuggeld with
 the blessings of corrupt goverment officials ) and the resulting budgetary deficits ( our economy is
 whats coming your way if you elect Dubbaya )

 ha ha

 that force our oil prices sky high ( oil is the one thing goverment has control of ) there is about 5%
 of the population that eather works in various foreign organizations or is associated with the local
 political mafia. That 5%  has 85% of the money here, plus there are some 30,000 foreigners working
 for UN, NATO, USAID, various european and arab goverments ( arabs as you know have lots of
 cash to spend, unlike the westeners they really, really like to spend it, and more the better ) that earn
 in average about 10000$ per month.
 The point Im making is that some people here can buy luxuries, and where there is demand there is supply.
 Of course such stuff as premium tequila is still light years from most of my fellow countrymen ( you can
 get some of it here but at such astronomical prices )... But because im probably comming to NY this
 winter, maybe ill get a chance to taste it soon, looking forward to it!
 For some orientation, know that the average local
 here in Federation (wow, sounds like I live in the world of  Star
 Trek, only this is more like the dark-n-ugly alternate universe) makes around
 220$ a month and in republika srpska its around only 140$. Deutsche mark is
 the main currency here so we at least have no inflation.
 There is the joke here that goes "we dont want Karl Marx, we want Deutsche Marks"
 ha ha - that's still good,
 Bartcop, you should have been here when NATO bombed Milosevic and his thugs in Serbia last spring ...
 Milosevic controled Serb media was full of Rush-like natzi hate, it sounded like Rush on steroids.
 ha ha

 Constant, day and night pounding of can get the idea by thease few examples of dumb
 and vulgar propaganda I still remember from some of their newscasts I got to see :
 - Clinton the coocksucker and his mistress, the famous whore Madeline Albright
 - In her younger days, you could fuck Madeline Albright for 5$, now its free
 ha ha

 - Clinton go fuck monica
 - Bill Clinton the sexual maniac
 - Our friends from Iraq , North Corea and Cuba are willing to send us their best men
      to help us fight Clinton and his fat american fucks
 - Fidel Castro and Sadam Hussein, the great fighters for freedom will show the Clinton Gang
      whos the boss in town
 - Hillary likes young boys
 - Clinton should be castrated
 - Clinton practiced incest
 - Anti-Christ is on the earth in form of famous sexual maniac and child murderer Bill Clinton
 - Murderer Clinton and fellow pedophile crooks
 - Hillary the Lesbian
 - Hillary the Lesbian has sex with Madeline Albright the whore
 - Clinton smoked pot
 - Clinton Smokes pot with Albright
 - Richard Hoolebrook the serial rapists
 - Hoolebrok, Clinton and Albright are drugdealers
 - Hoolebrok, Clinton and Albright are on drugs
 - Hoolebrok, Clinton and Albright are Sick Perverts
 - Hoolebrok, Clinton and Albright are the minions of Freemasons and Satanists
 - Chelsea Clinton the ugly mutant is the result of Hillarys massive drug usage
 - Chelsea Clinton is a bastard
 - (De)Bill(e) Clinton thinks he can smoke serbs like he did Monica, no, serbs will smoke him
 - Tony Blair and all the brittish are gay
 - Madeline Albright has sex with Tony Blair
 - Madeline Albright practices witchcraft
 - Madeline Albright has sex with Hillary Clinton

 That's the same thing Bush's party says here in America!
 ha ha

  Yacks from serb TV also managed to find the "clinton murder list", it put the P in their Propaganda.
  Other, not that well know in the US, European politicians where also targets of serb tv attacks.
  in conclusion :

   Just like Rush, they were so stupid and vulgar in their attacks that they actually became funny
   Jusl like Rush they constantly fabricated silly delusional tales about Clintons private life
   Just like Rush their main focus was Clintons privacy, not policy
   Just like Rush their worst enemy was the truth
   Just like Rush and Smirk they showed selective memory
   Just like Rush they showed no limits in their fabrications
   Just like Rush they were Stupid, Vulgar, Natzi Haters
   Just like Rush they were Hippo-crites
   Just like Rush they showed no signs of inteligent life
   Well I guess if one day he quits his show in US, im sure Rush can always get a job from Milosevic

  ha ha
 Make him stop!
 Bojan, your letter is so good, and so correct and accurate, people will suspect I actually
 wrote this and signed your name. You certainly understand exactly what the situation is.

 Almost as tragycomical as the Serb TV was the late Croatian Dictator Franjo Tudjman
 a sinister but comical character, I was for quite some time famous for doing a good impression of his.
 I miss his fascist-natzi wackyness a lot. He was like a coctail of dictators, you could see influences
 from Marshall Tito ( the charismatic late yugoslav semi-liberal communist dictator, Tudjman was once one
 of his top generals, the one in charge of "army personel awarness of socialist doctrine". When Tudjman
 was not appointed by the party  to be the Army CnC, he over time started turning ultra Right-Wing ),

 Fidel Castro ( like Tudjman an old geezer ),
 Richard Nixon ( Tudjmans paranoia, and abuse of power where similar to Tricky Dicks) ,
 Infamous Spanish Generalissimus Francesco Franco ( man with a fetish for faschism )
 and the late ruler of Zaire Mobutu Se-Se Seko ( a man famous for his extravagance and lust for power ).
 Sadly Tudjman was a mix of only the dark and wierd parts of their personalities, a brain tumor in the
 later years of his life also helped a lot in this. After 4 years of fighting the disease he died of cancer
 after 1 1/2 months of falling into a deep coma. It is said that when he died, he was plugged into everything
 except the internet.  Some say his tomb was built narrow so that the people cant dance upon it.

 ha ha
 You have a gift for writing, my friend.

 The new Croatian president Mesic is famous for his expertease on Tudjman jokes and other forms of
 comedy. Tudjman (who always showed no sense of humor at all ) thought of Mesic as a circus act.
 But the facts say that Tudjman is the one who should have been in the circus.
 Tudjmans most famous oddity was when he showed up on a military parade dressed in a replica of
 Marshall Titos famous white CnC uniform, most of those who up to that moment thought he was just
 a "tiny-weaney" bit odd started to think otherwise.
 Tudjmans incompetence was best shown in his selection of aides and advisors. Such a similar group
 of power-abusing, natzi, hating, manipulating, corrupt, liar, hypocrite, paranoid, scumbag, spooks
 can only be found in GOPs House and Senate. The likes of Newt,  Jesse Helmes, Bob Barr, Trent
 Lott, Arlon Spector, Olie North,  Ken Starr, Jerry Fawell,  Clearance Thomas, Buchanan...etc.
 all had  their equal counterparts in Croatia.
 ha ha
 Swear to Koresh - I didn't write this!
 ha ha

 Tudjman hated being ridiculed and actually tried to prosecute the people who did it. Jurnalist and
 independent newspapers were put on numerous trials, if not for the protests of international
 cummunity those people whould surely have been jailed. He is now also rememberd by numerous
 jokes that where almost the only way of fighting his opression. That is his main legacy besides the
 devasted economy, numerous war  crimes and a corrupt society. Croatia is now much like the
 Spain after Francos death.
 Tudjman like Nixon taped all conversations in his office, thease tapes are now exposing many
 abuses of power by him and his aides. They also show what a cartoonish, sick character and a
 hypocrite he was.

 Tudjmans loyal followers (mostly ass kissers and oportunists besides the standard right wing goons )
 rated him 2nd only to Jesus in historical importance. Some of them went so far to call him St.Franjo
 the saviour, local church was silent on such shameful disgraces of religion.
 Again, just like in America.
 Many so-called "Christians" love to hear the vulgar Rush Limbaugh say the most vile and
 disgusting things (like Gore-incest) and at the same time they PRETEND they are decent
 people who believe in God - what liars they are.)

 Tudjman never quite got along with the seperation of church and state, sadly he was suported in
 his views by numerous right wingers in the local church, even some higher church authorities
 ( a few bishops and a retired cardinal ) showed simpaty for his plight. You see, after 50 years of
 repression and marginalization, church hierarchy saw in Tudjman ( an ex-communist general in
 charge of socialist doctrine, how pathetic ) an ally who could restore much of the importance and
 a few other things as well, that had been taken away from them during the communist era.

 note: the church mentioned is of course the catholic church ( 2000 years of historical continuity
 as a major global player, a child of Roman genious for governing, order and organization.
 No matter what you think of it, it is indestructable and history has shown that fact to be true
 werry well, its a Monolite built upon the foundations of St.Peter ).
 Tudjmans funeral was boycoted by the international community, the only head of state that attending
 the ocasion was the turkish president and a fellow ex-general Suleiman Demirel. In contrast the
 same years funeral of Jordans King Hussein was attended by almost 60 heads of states, even
 Envar Al-Sadats funeral this year had more representatives from the western world, the world
 Tudjman always aspired to be a part of. Poor little Franjo did not understand that western world
 of today is not the west of the 1700th, that his rethoric, feudalism and absolutism where
 unacceptable in this day and age.
 Tudjmans spooky quotes rival those by Nixon, Bush, Regan, Quale, Dubbaya and Buchanan combined,
 as brain tumor  advanced he became more and more out of touch with reallity. Along with the
 Tumor, paranoia and wackynes grew.
 (Ediotr's Note: Isn't this best best letter you ever read?)

 US presidential elections are generating a lot of interest here, its mainly because It really matters
 for our country who is elected in US, if Smirk comes we can expect nothing but disaster and war,
 and I first am thinking of re-locating if he wins.

 ha ha
 They say the same thing here!!!
 Unlike him Gore and Lieberman ( sounds like a really good and trustworthy law firm ) really
 understand whats going on here, the overall importance and risk to the rest of europe and the world .
 Smirk und Dick ( sounds like something from the sex life of Ziegfried und Roy, uwwww,
 how verry in-theme with republican family values as seen in the house of Cheney.
 I only wonder who is the white tiger of the relationship? Pat Robertson? )

 ha ha
 I can't stand how good this is!

 only understand one single word in geopolitics and thats "OIL", just like papa Bush and grandpa Regan!
 Oil, Oil Uber Alles ...... ( sing along with the theme of Deutschlandia )
 If someone thinks Condoleeza "the oil tanker" Rice aka. Chevron oil chick is any better.
 Well as Mr.T says,  "pitty the fool".
 ha ha
 A "Mr T" reference from war-torn eastern Europe!
 Know that people here in Bosnia really like Clinton, hes almost a local deity. The man is adored in
 most of this country, only right-wingers here dislike him and those folks are as time goes by more
 and more an endangered species . Its not true that he "shamed america in the eyes of all the world"
 and "nobody takes him serious" as GOP is claiming, people here respect him because of what
 he did as a president and the leadership he showed in bringing peace and making foundations for
 prospreity in this part of the world. Nobody really cares for what he did privately and if anyone did,
 compared to some of our local "leaders"
 ( folks that still hold high governing positions, besides the many criminal allegations they have amassed
 over time ) what he did was really just innocent "fooling" around. Besides GOP, only rogue states are
 bragging about Clintons personal life. I wonder, dosent that say something about them?
 (remember when Smirk said he judged a man by the company he keeps )

 and as you can guess by the size of this letter,
 its been raining as hell outside for 3 days straight.........
 well, thats all from me for now

 Bojan Cahtarevic

 That was one of the best, most informative and funny letters I've ever read.
 Please write again and tell us more about your country, your politics, your regular day
 and things that are happening in your neighborhood and your country. I really enjoy reading
 your letters. I think you have a lot of writing talent and a great sense of humor.

 Could you send me a map of where you are?
 Maybe you could get a map and put an "X" where your town is?

 I am here, in Tulsa, about 260 miles north of Dallas.
 (Everybody knows where Dallas is)


 To the right is Little Rock, where Clinton is from.
 To the left is Oklahoma City, where the Rush friends blew up that building.
 Below Dallas is Waco, where that crazy Koresh guy killed those people.

 Thanks for writing.
 I think you're the "BartCop of Croatia."
 (Is that the proper location?)

 Write again.
 I enjoy your letters a lot!


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