When I was a kid, in the late sixties, I watched a Bonanza episode that featured Little Joe.
 It was one of those episodes that only writers love, where they put you thru an hour of crap so you're
 SO happy when it finally ends, kinda like watching Misery with James Caan and Kathy Bates

 In this episode, Lil' Joe was alone at the Ponderosa when he was bitten by a rabid wolf.
 The writers fabricated some reason why he couldn't ride for help, so Joe spend the ENTIRE
 hour watching his hand and arm turn gangrenous. For the last half of the hour, Joe reached for
 a hatchet like he was Jodie Foster reaching for her phone in Panic Room.

 The whole episode revolved around Joe realizing that he was going to have to
 hack off his hand or arm to stop the gangrene if he was going to survive.

 After 55 minutes of ponderous reaching for the ax, Joe finally grabs it and reaches up
 as high as he can to make the first slice count, and just as he's about to cut off his arm,
 Pa and Hoss scream, "Wait, Joe, we brought the doctor," and he saved his arm.

 Why do I bring this up?

 The Catholic Church has a gangrenous arm that needs to be cut off.
 Last weekend, they announced,  "FROM NOW ON, any priest
 caught raping a child will have no business being in the Church."

 That's another sick joke in a long line of sick jokes.
 The lastest news is that they're reconsidering that.

 The church wants to save that arm, but if they don't cut if off, the whole body will die.
 They think if they wait long enough, this problem will go away. Meanwhile, hundreds of
 parishes are organizing boycotts for people to stop giving to the Church until they get
 serious with these child molesters.

 How much longer before they do what needs to be done?

 It's time to hack off that gangrenous arm.

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