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Since  bartcop.com  has, by default, become the paradigm of responsibile journalism,
I want you to know I can't confirm this story. I will archive it under "Recent Old Stuff"
so when the whore media decides to run it you'll know it was here waaaay back in 2001.

Subject: Bush paid for girlfriend's abortion

In the winter of 1971 George W. Bush was dating a woman named Robin Lowman
(now Robin Garner). Miss Lowman became pregnant by the virile George W. and he
arranged for her to have an abortion - which in the great state of  Texas in 1971 was very illegal!
Not to mention that George W. ran as a pro-life candidate.

The unnamed source of this story was a friend of Robin Lowman's and the girlfriend
of the man who arranged the abortion. His name is Robert Carl Chandler.
Mr. Chandler is a Bush friend and supporter from way back and he made the
arrangements for Miss Lowman's abortion at the Twelve Oaks Hospital in Houston, TX
(now the Bayou City Medical Center). The source of the story overheard the telephone
call by Mr. Chandler to arrange the abortion and she visited Robin Lowman at the
Twelve Oaks Hospital after the procedure.

The source meanwhile, is afraid of coming forward, saying that she was threatened
by Mr. Robert Chandler and by another Bush friend and supporter named Jim Bath.
Mr. Jim Bath has longstanding intelligence connections, and played a role in the BCCI scandal.
Robin Lowman (now Garner) is married to Jerry Lee Garner who is an FBI agent.

So, that's the story: an illegal back room abortion arranged by the Republican party
Presidential candidate who "won" on a pro-life ticket.
Could the Bush people have silenced Mrs. Garner with money or threats?

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