Insectia and rodentia you may go do something else while I get my bug zapper hooked up.
This message is for Democrats, Greens, Progressives, and moderates.

If you live outside of California and wish to vote for Ralphie, not the
Colorado University Buffalo, but Nader, who is currently buffaloing voters,
by all means, do so to your heart's content.

If you live in California, where Nader gets most of his support, (votes) and want
to vote for Mr. Unsafe At any Speed, it is imperative you rethink your position,
and NOT vote for Ralph Nader. You are taking away votes from Al Gore, and
causing a celestial fault line in the spectrum where time and space shook hands
and parted ways. If you love America as I do, it is for the good of the country.

I am not trying to use fear tactics. I come in a positive peaceful manner.
A vote for Nader is vote for Cokeboy. No ifs, ands, or buts.
You want the Jekyll and Hyde politics of tax cuts and military build up?
You don't need to be Stephen Hawking to know that T=MB10 means Depression.

ha ha

We've been down that Raygun trickle down road to ruin before.
You want the Kinder, Gentler, II, The Sequel?
Ask yourself one question, am I better off now than I was eight years ago?
Well, punk, are ya?

I have been actively involved in Democratic politics for years and have run
several campaigns, been to the inauguration and toted Candidate Clinton
around Oklahoma City in van we found down by the river in 1992.
Internal polls of the Democratic party show that the 6-8% Nader could draw in
California could potentially sway the election in California to Bush, causing
the entire election to go for Bush. Those polls you all are so ready to
believe are not focused entirely on California. The very real possibility
exists that Gore could lose the popular vote and win the electoral college.
We need to win California. I know what I am talking about. It's that close!

I realize you want some change from politics as usual.
Getting away from a bipartisan effort which really means a bigger con than usual.
But do you think you will get the time of day from the Republicans?
A vote for Nader in California is a vote for Bush.
The republicans are laughing at you.
They think you are stupid and inept.
They count on your blind side.

Ask what you can do for your country.
Don't Californicate the election to them.
Vote early and often!

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