Got that big electronic bug zapper hooked up just in time! With the nearing election
 of Al Gore as President, the August Heat, and the great Democratic convention
 taking place at the same time, the insectia have gone wild. (Brain Smasher sprays
 huge quantity of environmentally friendly, toxic insectia spray...SSSSSSSSS)

 But Brain Smasher, you iceberg hugging liberals say, whining and crying,
 "The republicans are going to lose again, and they hear us chanting four more
 years, it's too hard on them! We need to be, snif, snif, Compassionate."

 I'm not one to be conservative with my compassion, but according to my George
 W. Cokeboy dictionary, compassionate conservatism has to do with cutting
 taxes, not about having empathy with, or helping people.
 So guess what?
 You are out of luck, no quarter for insectia or Naderites. (More toxic spray...sssss)

 Recently, like the West Nile Virus, a parody bartcop web sight has sprung up.
 Another quick check of my Cokeboy dictionary says this about certain web
 sites, "There ought to be limits on Freedom." Here at  bartcop.com  we have
 taken great delight in see "The Champ" as we have been ordered to call him
 work out on this guy like Philadelphia cops on fleeing suspects. No doubt  bc
 can take of himself. How about an editors note on what round he goes down in?

 The Friends of Brain Smasher Society emailed me and said I was listed on one
 of the parody bartcop pages under liberal hate mail. Too Cool! But wait!
 I hadn't sent out any liberal hate mail. To anyone. I'm Not an Animal...err
 Liberal! So with Ken Starr's blessing I investigated the erection of this site to see
 what was what. Turns out this "hate mail" attributed to me was nothing more than
 some quotes put together by The Great and Powerful Sabutai that give Clinton credit
 for the longest peace time expansion of the economy in our history!

 This isn't really hate mail is it? Maybe if you are the other side it is.
 I didn't write it, or edit it, I only forwarded it to one person, an insectia
 named on this same list as "The Crew." So I sent a very nice email to Shane,
 Robert Hensley, Gatto99, thein3456, this Legion, we are many personas.
 I explained all of the above to this "Truth Detector" and you know what, he
 just doesn't care. He ignored me.

 That's the rub about these self-styled truth detectors. They really don't
 care if they have facts, they just make them up as they go. If it sounds
 good, it must be true. Just like this business about Al Gore inventing the
 Internet. You've all heard one of these insectia snidely and derisively say,
 "Al Gore claims he invented the Internet." Next time you hear this, ask this
 ditto-insect for the exact quote. When they stammer and say they don't have
 it or they got it from my puke hurling friend Jeff Christie, offer to show
 them the exact quote that proves Al Gore didn't say this. Then as they turn
 ashen, tell them when you give them the facts, you expect them to go around
 and make apologies to everyone they lied to about this. You'll see, they will
 disappear faster than the minorities from the republican convention!

 These ditto-insects are the kind that chase after every shiny political
 object in a box that says, "Facts sold separately." When the ditto-insects do
 most of their reading on the toilet, like to watch fire burn, and routinely
 spit from high places, it's no wonder Rash Limburger is their leader.


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