Just some thoughts on the recently completed republican convention.

 "I am haunted by the vision of things to come!" Sen. John McCain

 Compassionate Conservatives took to the streets of Philadelphia Monday openly
 weeping as they taught local homeless people how to make republican baloney
 sandwiches. Another group of weeping and crying students bussed in from Bob
 Jones University implemented their "Dumpster Angel" program for the homeless.
 One student, Justin Tyme, explained that "Bob Jones feels that angels feed
 the homeless. He was visited in a dream by a Dumpster Angel, 'Randiangelo'
 who told Bob Jones he needed to feed the homeless. So we are here to teach
 street people the best dumpsters to forage in and the angel Randiangelo
 provides the Divine dumpster manna from Heaven."

 With tears streaming down his face Justin said, "It's like we are with Jesus
 feeding the masses with a few loaves of bread and day old fish."

 Much has been said about the republican big tent of inclusion and no one gets
 left behind. The first night showed that promise when every kind of minority
 was featured, never to be seen again until four years from now. Gay persons
 were given their moment to shine when openly gay republican representative
 John Kolbe of Arizona got to speak to the convention and wasn't arrested by
 the religious right and Mary Cheney wasn't burned at the stake. The Texas
 delegation instead of walking out bowed their heads and prayed. Praying that
 Kolbe would disappear I imagine. Watching this drama play out left me just
 teeming with the feelings of inclusion.

 Powell's Colinary
 Colin Powell showed he is no fool and played both ends against the middle
 stating he would pretty much take a job in either administration. Variation
 of the Vegas Trap.

 While watching John McCain, my mystery guest stated they knew Morse code and
 with his eyes McCain was taping out...---..."dont believe me...---I'm being
 held against my will....----....send help soon...----I see...---- live Bush's!"

 Dick Cheney (R draft dodger) got up to speak and the band played "Don't fence
 me in." A tribute no doubt, to Matthew Sheppard. Mr. Mean, alias Dr. NO,
 talked about President Clinton and said "the man from Hope goes back to New
 York." This statement coming from a man who just changed his voting
 registration from Dallas to Wyoming.

 The theme for the convention was prosperity for a purpose and president
 for a purpose, although no one ever explained what this all meant.
 The way Newt and Bob Livingstone were interviewed, I thought
 the theme might be Adultery with a Purpose.

 Party Hardy with Dick Armey
 Interesting to see an obviously drunk Dick Armey trying to be purposeful on
 camera. Just hanging out with all his rowdy friends. Intoxication with a purpose.

 It's been said that Satan's greatest trick is making men believe he doesn't
 exist. GW Bush, republican candidate for president has taken a page from this
 handbook and is attempting to make voters and the media accept that the mean,
 hate filled, big business controlled republican party no longer exists.
 Kinder, Gentler II, The Sequel.

 Bush wants to "Ensure that America's prosperity has a purpose." What the
 Vernon Lee Howell does that mean? That you and I "the little people" get a
 piece of the higher pie? I think it means, Big Cancer, Big Oilly, and Big
 Health Care-Couldn't-Care-Less get more money in their coffers. If you have
 doubt just look at Poppy Bush's arm twisting of the Kuwaiti's, and Viola! Big
 Oilly's profits doubled and tripled last quarter as we paid higher pie gas
 prices at the pump. Don't forget, home heating oil prices are said to triple
 this winter!

 Another stealth theme of these grifters is to claim, "We don't want to leave
 any children behind." That's why Texas makes it extra difficult to get health
 care benefits to George's kids. I'll believe it when George and Laura spend
 two weeks living in a shanty in the Colonias.

 George said they were going to fix Social Security and also he wouldn't touch
 it. ....What? "To the seniors of this country, you earned your benefits, you
 made your plans, and President George W. Bush, will keep the promise of
 social security, NO changes, No reductions, NO WAY!" Was it just me or did
 that sound like, "Read my lips, no new taxes."

 Health Care plans are now free aspirin to seniors, a zero tolerance program
 towards bleeding and the new inner city and rural health care plan called
 "Walk it off."

 George's tax cuts, left Texas, a state that has no state income tax, with a
 gigantic budget shortfall that has legislators scrambling to cover it. Jidge
 proclaimed, "I'm glad I'm not there to deal with it."

 Seeing all the Bush's on stage after Dubya's speech gave that creepy feeling
 of Vuja De all over again. Don't be fooled by all the nice talk and the
 "we're different now" approach. Look at the voting records, the exclusion,
 the hate. This Master Midland Mephistophelean con man is promising you more
 money, more youth, more happiness, when all you have to give him is your peace,
 no boys in body bags, your jobs, your prosperity, and of course, your Soul!
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