Finally it looks like MOC Trafficant might get sucked into the quicksand of
criminal indictment. I wanted to head off any premature republican insectia
giddiness that a " Democrat" appears to be getting into criminal trouble. As
you have succinctly made the point many times, "He's not one of use, not one
of us, not one of us.

He's one of De-lay's boyz, (R, Ain't right in the Head, TX). If it looks repub,
smells repub, stinks and talks shit like a repub, it must be repug.

Speakcursed Hastert uses Trafficant as his personal plastic blow up doll.
The repubs count on his vote, and Trafficant has said many times how
Hastert is his buddy.

The most recent development in the DOJ investigation has Trafficant taking
the Fifth Amendment to prevent documents from being turned over to the High
Heeled Rule of Law Boyz. You don't need to count the one blossom of a blue
agave plant how many times MOC have recently taken the Fifth.

I called the Democratic National Committee on Trafficant's status as a
Democrat. The spokesperson there told me, "We don't know any Jim Trafficant,
we don't know what he wants, but we wish he would stop using our name."

Please Mr. Fantasy,
tell me this is real and the last call for the fall of Jim Traffican't.


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