The Weak & Stupid administration refuses to call the Taliban prisoners in Cuba "POWs."
 Do you know why?

 Because if they were considered prisoners of war, America would be treaty-bound to follow
 the POW rules of the Geneva Convention. And since the rich, snotty boy has never had to obey
 any rules or laws, he's decided to throw the Geneva Convention away.

 Stupid move, Smirk.

 That means next time a John McCain gets shot down while bombing some country,
 that country can declare that they don't have to follow the Geneva Convention,
 because we didn't honor it when we had prisoners.

 Plus, remember that "Dead or alive" crap?
 When he said that, he gave his traditional wink and smirk, which meant,
 "If it's easier to just kill the POWs, then just do it because we're in a hurry."

 So the next time one of our pilots gets shot out of the sky,
 it will be George the Unelected Fraud that got him killed.

 Bush should have the brains to know that erasing prisoner's rights today will mean
 the erasing of the rights of our people when they get caught tomorrow.

 It's the same way with paying a kidnapper.
 If you do it, they'll just kidnap again.
 But Bush's Daddy and Saint Reagan paid the kidnappers in Beirut, and what happened?
 Hezzbollah turned around and kidnapped more Americans.

 The Republican Party is made up of people who just can't think.

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