Day-Old Butch Watch

My, my...

A cocaine-addicted alcoholic?

In the White House?

With his finger on the button?

Charles Younger, a close friend and a Midland orthopedic surgeon,
said that when Butch drank, he "could say some things that were
not reflective of how he really felt when he was not drinking."

Paul Rea had seen alcoholism up close. His younger son had struggled
for years, and when he traveled with The Shrub he didn't like the signs.
"George was not an alcoholic," said Rea, "but there's a fine line
between heavy social drinking and alcoholism. . . . I raised it with George."

There was at least one incident that his parents witnessed.
When he was 26, he returned home inebriated one night to his parents'
home in Washington -- with his then-teenage brother Marvin in tow
-- and plowed his car into a neighbor's garbage can, dragging it down the street.

When his dad asked to see him, George W. challenged him to go "mano a mano" outside.
The senior Butch promptly got his son a job at a social service program in Houston,
helping underprivileged kids.

"My dad was not happy," recalled his sister, Dorothy Butch Koch,
who witnessed the episode. "My dad did not think that was attractive or funny or nice."

"We did not know that he had an alcohol problem and we saw him a lot," said Barbara Butch.
"That is not to say that we never maybe saw him when he'd had a little bit too much to drink.
But nothing,  nothing bad and he certainly never did anything bad to our knowledge.

In early April 1986, The Shrub ran into Al Hunt, then the Wall Street
Journal's Washington bureau chief, at a Mexican restaurant in Dallas,
where Hunt was dining with his wife, Judy Woodruff, and their 4-year-old son.

The April edition of Washingtonian magazine had come out featuring
16 pundits predicting who would lead the 1988 GOP ticket.

Hunt had predicted Jack Kemp over Vice President Bush.
(Only half the group said Butch would be the nominee.)

Hunt said Butch approached the table and began cursing at him in front of his child.
Hunt said there was no doubt that Bush had been drinking heavily.

"You [expletive] son of a bitch," Hunt quotes Butch as saying.
"I saw what you wrote. We're not going to forget this."

Hunt said he never gave the incident much more thought until he was asked about it last spring
by Bill Minutaglio, a Dallas Morning News reporter who was writing a book about Bush.

Two weeks later, Hunt unexpectedly received a gracious call from Butch, who apologized.

When asked about it in an interview, Butch at first referred the
reporter back to Hunt, who he said would have a better recollection.

When told that the reporter had spoken to Hunt, Butch said he could
not remember "what was said" in 1986 and could not recall whether
he was drinking. He did acknowledged that his behavior was inappropriate.

"There's no excuse for me offending him in front of his child," The Shrub said.

"...I regret that,"

Asked why he apologized more than a decade later, he said,
"I heard he was angry about it, and it began to weigh heavy on my mind.
I would have done it earlier had I realized I had offended him."

It was a sign that drinking was getting him into trouble, and by
the time Butch sat down to dinner with his friends at the Broadmoor in July,
he had been trying to quit for a year.

From the Washington Post

By October 1986, newly sober and increasingly focused, Bush had
received his share of the Harken deal in stock, at the time worth
a little more than $312,000. The stock would ultimately become
the collateral he used to purchase the Texas Rangers, a deal that
last year landed him $14.9 million, providing him with the financial
security to pursue the presidency.


Turning $312,000 into $15 miillion is more profitable than playing cattle futures.

Let's get Butch under oath and make him swear he's never
traded on his dad's political connections to make money.

How old is George Butch Jr?

The Washington Post said he was born in 1946, which would make him about 53.

Butt,    that can't be!

From the Washington Post

"By then he was married to Laura Welch and they had 4-year-old twins,
 Jenna and Barbara, named for their grandmothers. He knew the shy librarian
only three months before their 1977 marriage."



butt only two paragraphs later, talking about their friends, The Shrubette said,

"They weren't our friends because his dad was the vice president," said Laura Butch
"Our friends have been our friends since first grade."

So, they met in 1977, and had the same friends since Shrub was in first grade.

If The Shrub was born in 1946, and was still in first fucking grade in 1977,
he's a bigger moron than The Indiana Spud or Slappy Thomas.



or it could be that Butch and his wife are as phony and plastic as two rich people can be,
and since phony and plastic people never say, "We're phony and plastic,"
I think we can assume she's lying to help create this false, bullshit image
that The Shrub is just a normal pork-rinding guy with normal pork-rinding friends.

Do you think that when Butch went to buy the Texas Rangers baseball team,
do you think he called his friends from first grade to get in on this mega-deal?

Did he do that?

Or did he call daddy's rich, Republican contributors at the NRA and Big Cancer
to get money from them to buy that team?

I understand there's a story there, too.
I understand Butch RAISED TAXES to fund that stadium.

Just like every Republican I know.
"Government is bad until I need a suck at the teat."

But who pocketed the easy $15,000,000 when the tax-team was sold?

Georgie Butch - capitalist and rugged individual.

I wonder...
Would that make The Shrub a  tax-raising profiteer?
This is a pretend family fabricating a pretend story for the press whores.

What's next, Butchie?

From the Washington Post

"The weekend was an extravagant evening among close friends,

(Read - Campaign contributors.
 Oh, please!
 Jesus Christ, he raised $40,000,000 without turning whore?
 Is there a new politics in America?
 His "close friends" gave him $40,000,000?
 Koresh - is Paul Harvey here?
 I smell horseshit.
 Sorry - back to the Post)

...with a multi-course dinner and ample bottles of $60 Silver Oak cabernet.

(Cheap bastard. If my dad was VP, and my brother stole $300,000,000 dollars
 from some rube Colorado Savings and Loan, I'll be goddamned if I'll drink $60 wine.
 Oh, ...what?
 Butch was paying for the lobbyists to drink?
 Fuck 'em.
 Give 'em Boone's Farm)

There was Don Evans, now Butch's finance chairman, and his new wife Susie,
who went to grade school with young Butch...

 Oh, please!
 Oh, pleeeeeeeeeeeease!

Just about two stories back, the Butch's floated a trial balloon that was designed
to find out if voters would buy the idea they were normal pork-rinding people.

"We've had the same friends since first grade,"

Just to prooooooooooooove that,  beyond all doubt,
here she is in real-life, Your Honor,  Exhibit 14, Your Honor.
The "Friend 01 Since-First-Grade," Your Honor.

His Honor: It is so ordered.

Ha ha,
Right on cue,
Who's directing this picture?
It's somebody good.

Swear-to-effing Koresh,
BEST friend?
from fucking grade school standing here before us.

...and if that's not proof,  I have to know

.....what is?

You know what this means?

He's been watching Clinton.
Ol' Georgie's been studyin' The Champ.
Old Georgie's gonna slick his way into the White House and you know what?

I hope he does.

I'm breaking the news right here, right now.
I'll break it wide on The Latest in a few days, but I'm going Butch!

I'm not kidding.
Four years of Gore, (assuming they don't murder him) would bore me to death!
Seriously - four years of any non-Clinton Democrat will put me to sleep.


A Son-of-a Butch?
an alcoholic?
a Margarita-licking?
out-of control, drunken patron?
Mexican restaurant in Dallas?
screaming the "F" word?
at a member of the Capital Gang? think I can't go places with a guy like this?

Whoo, Boy!

Of course, Butch has no chance of winning, but I'm rooting for him!

Georgie Butch?
cocaine salesman?
hound-dog screwing?
tax-raising profiteer?
drove home fucking drunk?
drunk-slammed the neighbors trash cans half-way to Plano?
challenged George Herbert Traitor Butch to a mano a mano?
(That's not a gay thing, is it?)


Hey, I'm in the middle of a comedy bit here...

I'm busy!

It's who?

Oh, Jesus,

This is for real?

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a call from ...where?


What did...

Who took the....

...Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Karla Faye Tucker.
She's the young Christian woman that George Butch Jr. had the State of Texas murder.

Yes, now come on - be fair.
They strapped her to a table and injected deadly drugs into her
that would cause her to die within minutes so I think that's murder.

Yes, George Herbert Weasel Butch, gave the order to murder her
over the expressed wishes of the parents of the victims, to murder her
over the expressed wishes of Pat the Rat Robertson and ......the Pope.

...the Pope wasn't cheap.
The Pope was $600,000 more than Muhammed Ali.

Yes, it's that Karla Faye and she's on Line Three.

Karla Faye, come in, ...are you there?

KFT from Hell: I have a question...

OK, what's your question?

KFT from Hell: Could you get a message to Governor Butch and ask him
                           to explain compassionate conservatism one more time?


Sean Hannity, subbing for El Grande Puerca,
said The Shrub has signed a pledge that he would not raise taxes.

I haven't heard this anywhere else, have you?
I don't believe Hannity - he's too Rushian.
I want to see this pledge Butchie signed - put that document on the web.

How in the world is Butchie going to re-build our military without money?
If he can re-build the military that Clinton destroyed and decimated and emaciated,
without spending any money, well, John Lennon wrote,

...we'd all love to see the plan.

Oh, one other thing...

We want to see the plan BEFORE the election, Butchie.

It's my best guest than Hannity is a lying, SOB.

Besides, Butchie's Daddy swore to God he'd never raise taxes,
then he turned around and screwed every American with his treachery.

How far did Butch's apple fall from the Butch tree?

Reporter: Georgie, have you ever done cocaine?

Butch Jr. I'm not going to play that game.
              I've seen that game close-up.
              Politics has turned into nothing but character assassination.
              It's time someone had the courage to stand up and say,
             "This has gone far enough! The time has come for this to stop!"

Hey, Butchie,

If you're so goddamn sincere,
If courage and doing the right thing are your motives,
why wasn't six months ago the time to have the courage to stand up?
(24 hours later, Carville used that line on Larry 8-Wives King)

You lying, opportunistic, cocaine sniffer!

Speaking of cocaine....
I'd like to say a few things on that subject.

I'm not admitting anything here,
but I will give you some Clintonian weasel words...
I have not done any cocaine in the 1990s.
But, let's move on.

Regular readers know I owned a rock club from 1985 to 1987.
The Hard Rock Island, it was called.
(The Island of Rock in a Country part of the country.)

For a while, it was the only live rock club in Knuckledrag.
Every drug-dealer and prostitute and rock-n-roll lowlife was there,
along with the regular undead barhags and stumbling sots.

Pretty soon, some live bands migrated to my club.
They played for the door proceeds, two dollars each.
The band and the bar help had to stay relatively sober,
because we were all working.


We closed at 2 AM, then the real party would start.
The bands were always impressed when the club owner came to the after party.
Most club owners in Knuckledrag are old, white Republicans or washed up,
burned out, been-there-forever FM radio jocks who were so jaded
they'd make a Douglas fir look GOP-white.

Here's what I learned from those parties:
Two kinds of people have cocaine.
The girls who were willing to do whatever for some cocaine, and the cocaine dealers.

Let me explain cocaine, for those who've never....

You don't "dabble" in cocaine.
It's like you'd "dabble" at being an astronaut.
Back in college, I heard kids say, "I bought $25 worth of coke for the concert."
Trust me, they saw that concert straight.

The reason coke is such a problem is that you can do $100 worth like that!
You can't hardly smoke $100 worth of pot,
or eat $100 worth of pills, or exstacy or LSD or whatever,
but you can do $100 worth of coke before the big hand hits twelve.

Of course, as the club owner, I was always immune from the dangers of the drug.
Never had to sell it, never had to sleep with someone to get it.
Being the owner gave me some artificial elevated status.
Then, since I had a ticket to the afterparty, the young girls would say,
"Oh, please Mr. BartCop. Can I go to the afterparty, too?"

There was a lot of that.
Young girls, too.

Remember when Chris Rock said, "A man is as faithful as his options?"
BartCop is a very good man.

With the music, the drugs, the fake status, the women, also came unwanted fame.
I got a tiny taste of fame that I don't want to taste again.

Koresh, I'd go in some other club to check out a new band and they'd
let us in free, the owner would buy us drinks, the band would talk to us
during the break and I'd catch the eye of those young girls again because
they knew I knew the bands and could get them in these after parties.

Then all the usual gang would wander over and say "Hi," which is fine,
but Knuckledrag is a small town and I'd know 20 people or so at this
other club so they'd all have to come by the table and check in
like I was Sonny Corleone and this was Tessio's turf.

Then, some bands, knowing of my distaste for the spotlight,
would talk to me from the stage and use "BartCop" in their lryics.
All in all, I wished I could've worn a disguise like OJ did.

It's a good thing I lost that $40,000,
because I didn't know how much more of that I could take.

Why are we talking about all this, anyway?
The cocaine thing.

As far as I know, Georgie Butch didn't own a rock club.
That means he either sold coke or he whored for it.

Which was it, Georgie?

Here's the deal:
A friend gives you some cocaine at a party.
You like it.
Next party, it's your turn to buy.
You get a gram this time.

That only lasts 45 minutes, but the dealer's still there,
so you get an 8-ball, because you've have lots of money
and your daddy is Vice President..

The 8-ball lasts almost the whole weekend, and it's time to get
back to work running that baseball team in Arlington.

...but here comes another weekend.

That 8-ball was almost enough last time, so this time you get a 1/4 ounce.

Wait, The Sprout and Kneel Butch, the $300,000,000 thief are in town.
You'd better make that a half-ounce.

But then, that capitalist, free-enterprise feeling comes over you.
Damn, this shit is expensive.

How does it break down?

An 8-ball is $350.
A 1/4 oz is $600
A 1/2 oz is $1000
1 oz is only $1500

You can sell The Sprout a quarter for $600.
You can sell Kneel a quarter for $700 (he has more money)
That means I'll get my half-ounce for $200.


Neil is paying $700 for a quarter,
and our next president gets a HALF for $200.

What a country!!!!!!!!!

Sixty days later, there's good news and bad news.
The bad news is your job and wife and health are gone.
The good news is since business is so good,
now you're shooting a free ounce a week.

I bring this up for several reasons.
My own youthful indiscretions are not the topic,
but you can't own a rock club for two years and remain naive.
I know what I'm talking about.

If our next president has a cocaine past, we need to know.
You can't hardly "dabble" in it.
It's not like getting drunk one night in Chicago.

Cocaine + Money = Trouble

Answer the question, George.

Headline:Butch Says No Cocaine Last Seven Years
(See Update Below)

Well, well...

Dr. Laura says "All druggies lie. That's what druggies do."

For all we know, Butch is still shooting cocaine in the Governor's mansion.
Don't we have a right to his complete medical records?
Has anybody seen Butchie without a shirt on?
He might have goddamn track marks alllll up and down his arms.

We just don't know, do we?

As my previous testimony corrobborates, I, BartCop have not done any cocaine in the 90's.
...and our next president can't say the same?

The 90's began nine years ago.
Butch claims he stopped seven years ago.
So, Butchie has done cocaine more recently than Ol' BartCop?
That doesn't seem right.

Once again I find myself to be Mr. Clean,
while the Republicans wallow in the fucking mud.
I've done without cocaine longer than our next president.
Maybe I should get some cocaine and snort it, just so I can know
that our next president is cleaner than Ol' BartCop.
Would that make everyone feel better?

Call me old-fashioned, but it seems to me that
our next president should be cleaner than Ol' BartCop.

Once again, I find myself occupying the High Road.
That never happened before, until I started comparing myself to the GOP.

The list is endless, but let's try just a few:

BartCop has had fewer sex partners than Dr. Laura.
That's so fucking true I should get a medal..
Laura has thousands on me there.

BartCop has had fewer sex partners than Bob Dole.
That's a guarantee, assuming he's had sex with each wife.
BartCop has had fewer sex partners than Pigboy the Feedbag.
That's a guarantee, assuming he's had sex with each wife.
BartCop is ineligible to become a Christian Promise Keeper,
because I've never betrayed my wedding vows.

Can Ronald Reagan say the same?

BartCop has never had homosexual sex.
BartCop has never suffocated a gerbil.
BartCop has never played, "Hide the Hampster."

Can Pigboy, Bob Dornan and Clarence "Slappy" Thomas say the same?

BartCop has never had forcible sodomy with a horse.

Can Paul Harvey say the same?

...and if I'm lying about any of that,
why doesn't somebody sue me?

Come get me!

They can't sue me,
because the truth is a valid defense against slander.

The list goes on and on.
BartCop knows more about the Bible than "Biblical author" Dr. Laura.
This has been proven many times - check the recent archives.
BartCop has done a better job of saying, "No" to cocaine than our next president.
It just seems like a president should be off drugs longer than Ol' BartCop.

BartCop has never been so drunk in public, that he made a fool of himself
calling a reporter for the Whore Street Journal,  "a mother-fucker" in front of his kids.
(That George Butch Junior is a real class act, isn't he?)

BartCop doesn't drive drunk, as my previous testimony corrobberates,
and I damn sure never knocked the neighbor's trash cans half-way to Plano.
BartCop never got drunk and tried to kick hid dad's ass.
BartCop has no Margarita on the side.
BartCop has no illegitimate habaneros running around.
BartCop isn't paying anybody to remain silent about my past.
BartCop has never had to change his driver's license number
to make it harder for reporters to find his multiple DWI convictions.

Can our next president say the same?

BartCop has never spread his legs for a camera.
Laura, Gennifer, Paula, Patti, Ashley, Pat Boone, Marcia Clark, Diane Sawyer,
Barbara Walters, that Kennedy DJ and Henry Hyde allllll wish they could say the same.

BartCop has never lied to try to win an election.
As recently stated, every goddamn word on  is true.

I think it's pretty clear that BartCop is somebody to be admired.
I wouldn't have thought that until recently, and it's only true when
I'm compared to Laura, Pigboy or our next president..

Has our country sunk so low, that BartCop's morals
have become that to which we want our children to aspire?


Some people seek greatness,
others have greatness thrust upon them.


Our roving gay reporter, Matt Fudge, is working exclusively
on the George Butch cocaine story because, as you know, Butchie is gay.

Mr. Fudge filed this report from Houston:

After seeing the BartCop Report on Gov. Butch,
his panic-riddled camp released another version of his non-cocaine use.
This latest attempt to explain his addiction now says that
the Governor has not used cocaine in the last fifteen years.

As you know, the hard-hitting BartCop Report accused Butchie
of using cocaine more recently than the author of the BartCop Report.

Coincidentally, the BartCop Report covered a period of time from fourteen years ago.
In their abject panic to scramble towards higher ground, the Butch camp has read the
BartCop report and back-dated  Butchie's cocaine addiction to the year before
BartCop got into the rock n roll business.

In an attempt to elevate himself above BartCop,
the Butch camp now claims young Butchie has been clean for fifteen years?

Laughing like a hyena on Zima,
Matt Fudge,
Roving Gay Reporter

Is there anyone in America that can't see through this obvious manipulation of the truth?
The clumsy, half-assed spin attempt is so laughable on its face.
This is bad damage control a la Butch.
Is this how clumsy he'd handle being president?

I can see through this,
Bob Dole can see through this,
and the 'Merican people can see through this.

This bullshit is as clear as the big "E" on the doctor's eye chart.

Are they that afraid of Ol' BartCop?

Matt Fudge will continue to report on this story
and every other story that involves homosexual Republicans.

Butch attacks Freedom of the Press

Butch wants web-sites critical of his cocaine use to be shut down permanantly.
Don't let the bastard get away with it.

Go to  and sign the petition.

Don't let the Republicans shut down free speech!

Check this out.
A radio DJ in Houston has made Butchie and offer.

Faxed to Bush campaign headquarters

I have a show on Houston Radio station KLOL and, I would like to
invite Mr. Bush to come on my radio show and tell the people of
Houston that he has never taken cocaine.

KLOL reaches over a million people a day in Houston.
KLOL is #1 with men in the 18-34 age group.

I understand how recent rumours in the press have him quite
upset and I want to give him the opportunity to set the record
straight, and put these stories to rest.

Since the alledged crimes took place here in Houston,
I am sure that Mr. Bush wants to address the people of Houston
and I want to give him that opportunity.

Mr. Bush:
Come on my show and tell the people of Houston "I have never taken cocaine."
You can set the record straight once and for all.

I look forward to hearing from you!

===> The \/\/iseguy <===
ICQ#: 38749666

Poor Butchie.

He's crumbling before our very eyes.
I knew my prediction that he'd never be president would play out,
but I thought we'd at least get to kick him around for a year or so.

As I write this, Bob Dornan is talking about it on Fox News.
He says the Democrats don't have to ask any more, the press has it now.

Butch says, "I refuse to play that game."
Fine, Butchie.
We'll play without you.

ha ha

We'll make you the fucking ball!

ha ha

Same time, on MSNBC, Cock-sure Chris-the-Catholic can't stop talking about it.
in 35 minutes, Cannity and Holmes are going to do an hour on it,
while Geraldo will be tearing him up for an hour over there.

I have 5 VCR's, a cable hook-up, 2 satellite receivers and there's
no way I can totally record this Blow Monkey's Armageddon.

PS. Not sure who's on Larry 8-Wives King tonight,
      but you can bet the words "cocaine" and "Butch" will be constant.

Al Gore couldn't lose this election if he tried.

I gotta type fast, so I can get this up before Butchie withdraws from the race
and scurries home in disgrace to be Texas's Blow Monkey governor.

"There's no reason for me to debate Steve Forbes until somebody's paying attention."
  -- The Exploding Butch

Hey, Governor...

You mean you're able to whore up $40,000,000 now,
but you refuse to debate because nobody's paying attention?

What about the ignorant ditto-monkeys who are writing you checks?
Don't they have a right to know what you stand for?
Or have you not decided yet?

I think Governor Blow Monkey is stalling for time
so he can learn the names of the countries that we have troops in,
and memorize which side we're on in places like Korea and Bosnia.

That's what Forbes meant by "all those tutors Butch has."

Wait a minute!

That whole Iowa thing was such a phony sham...

The Bush people, which I've yet to make fun of...
(I see a bunch of Zulus standing there with bones in their noses holding spears at their sides)

They went into Iowa talking about the Butch juggernaut,
predicting he'd win at least 50 percent of the vote.
Turns out Governor Blow Monkey only won 32 percent.

Clinton won his first term with 42 percent,
and the GOP said that was proof that the majority rejected him.

G. Gordon Liddy, may he rest in peace,
constantly railed against "you 42 percent, suckerrrrrrs,"
because 42 percent wasn't jack shit.

But now?

The Shrub bought less than a third of the goddamn vote
and the press hails it as a "great victory."

Can you guess why?

The press reads

They know he's not going to be president.
They know he's not even going to be the fascists' nominee.
They know he's going over the cliff..
They're doing everything they can to build him up so they can cover "The Big Fall."

What a story!

"Front Runner Crashes and Burns."

You read it here first.

Is Governor Blow Monkey smart enough to be president?

I understand he wasn't even in the top sixty percent of his class.
I've obtained a copy of his college grades, and I will say this:

Butchie had more "C's" than a Mexican couple approaching orgasm.

This from Pundit Pap at AMPOL

One element of this developing brouhaha that we urge you to keep an eye on
is why exactly George W. Bush Jr. was issued a brand new driver's license only a few months ago,
just as preparations for his announcement got underway.

This is traditionally the period where enemies are paid off, shut up, or go missing.
The driver's license link will be the telling one.

The question: Was George Bush arrested during the four-year life of his old license?
If so, what was it for?

We guarantee you that Ann Richards and her Democrat friends are sitting on this one
until (and if) Governor Blow Monkey gets the GOP nod.

Wait a minute!

First,  he claims he won't talk about his cocaine addiction.

Then,  he claims he hasn't shot any cocaine in seven years.

Then,  after reading the scathing BartCop Report,
he claimed he hadn't shot any cocaine in the last fifteen years.

Now,  he claims he hasn't shot any cocaine in the last 28 years.

Wait a minute!

In 1971, he was flying jets in the Texas National Guard.

Butch was shooting cocaine while flying our jets?

Can we allow somebody that reckless to have his finger on the button?

Friends, we're going to have a little talk.
We have to face the facts.

Governor Blow Monkey has lost his bid for the presidency.

Who now ascends to the number one position?
Don't tell me we're going to have a Vagina-In-Chief.
Dr. Laura says the military refuses to take orders from a woman,
and she's never wrong so Dole's out.

That Gary Bauer woman?
Same problem - the military won't listen to her.

Steve Forbes?
Not a chance.
Too goofy-looking.

Pat Buchanan?
I could only wish.

Who does that leave?

The GOFP needs somebody who's been there before.
They need somebody with experience in foreign policy.
They need someone who's battle-tested.

DanQuayle for Presidente!

Please, God, please.
I take it all back.
There really is a God, and You are He.
Please, God, please.
If Dan Quayle is the nominee,
I'm going back to being Catholic, Swear to Koresh!.

I'd expect the  IPO to start around $40,
but you people can buy in for just $35.

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