This piece wasn't well-thought out, it was pure emotion.
It was written when JFK Jr. was missing.
Barbara Walters was on the air screaming every wild story she could think of,
with no regard for the Kennedy family, the rules of ethics or even good journalism.

Barbara Walters is such a good-for-nothing whore.

10:30 Central Time, she was shooting her mouth off on ABC about "all the tragedies"
that have surrounded the Kennedy Family.  One of the most needless tragedies to
happen to the Kennedy's is the relentless fishbowl the press keeps them in.

Barbara Walters told the ABC audience that John Jr. had a bad back, just like his father,
and that his had a digestive disorder that gave him a lot of trouble

...and that he didn't want people to know about that.

She said this "bothersome bowel disorder" ran in the family,
and to prove it, she announced that Eunice Shriver has it, too.

Thanks for telling us that, you stupid, worthless-slut Barbara Walters.

Logic says John Jr and the others won't get out of this alive.
As of this writing, they've been missing 13 hours.
I hope I'm wrong, but it looks as bad as it can be.

The Kennedy's will have to endure another horrible ordeal,
and ABC's Barbara the Whore has the "scoop" on John Jr's colon?

I'm ashamed to live on the same planet as Walters the Whore.

Hey, Barbara!
What if you were missing and I went on live television and told everybody
about those three abortions you had?

How would you like that, you whore?

What if I went on TV and explained to everyone that the real reason you
talk like Elmer Fudd on quayludes is because in 1971 you were trying to
suck the chrome off a trailer hitch when the truck suddenly drove off?

Would you like that?

...and where is Diane Sawyer in all this?
Probably blowing some aging fisherman eye-witness so she can have the exclusive.

I don't even want to think about Pigboy's reaction to all this.
Pigboy loves slurring the dead more than he loves his family,
and this is a Kennedy that Rush will get to attack.

I remember Pigboy's show the day they buried Jackie.

Rush thought it would be tasteful to wonder...

"...if the grave her body was being lowered into was
 as cold as the bed she shared with her husband, John."

Rush Limba, you worthless, stinking scumbag whore.

I'm going to tape every minute of Monday's show, Pigboy.
Anything you say Monday will end up right here, Pigboy,
and if you don't like it, kiss my ass and fucking sue me.

I intend to punish the Pigboy with this web-site.
I intend to do it until he's off the air.

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