The View from Canada
   by Deanna

Bart, thanks for doing such a great job on your site and your radio shows are great.

I was wondering if you could mention just some of the reasons Canada is unhappy
with the US government. I think it's important for people to understand exactly what
our country's relationship is.

1) We have Focus on the Family up here now. They US branch comes up here to promote themselves
and recruit people into their cause. To top this off, they have infiltrated the Conservative Party and
now members of Focus on the Family are running for office. Right now our government is in a
minority, meaning the Liberals hold the power but all other parties together form the majority.
Anyways, these completely deranged fundies are showing up in Alberta (no surprise there!) and
advocating hatred towards the gay and lesbian community. These people are bigoted pigs who
cannot think for themselves and hide behind a bible rather than face reality. They don't stand a chance
of getting elected because Ontario and Quebec are our biggest and most liberal provinces.
Yet still, they are trying the same tactics here that they do there. It's scary.

2) North Dakota has decided that it is going to divert water from the river that runs directly into the
Red River in Manitoba. I don't know if you recall but Winnipeg and lower Manitoba were in a state of
emergency from flooding a few years ago. Anyways, if this water is diverted huge ecological and
potentially ruiness results will have a big impact of the stability of the border towns of Manitoba.
Thus far the US gov't has said it is doing what it wishes.

You know the topper?
They've decided to do this on July 1st. That is Canada Day.
What a way to say 'fuck you'.

3) Softwood lumber. The trade practices of the US towards Canadian softwood lumber have been deemed
illegal by an international business court. Yet nothing has been done. The US is also in breach of NAFTA.
The US gov't has made no attempts do to anything. Most likely as a result of our vocal non support
of the Shock and Awe campaign.

4) The US Ambassador to Canada David Wilkins, hand picked by W, has never stepped foot in Canada.
He has always been negative, inflammatory and nasty to Canada. Now he is our US Ambassador.
George W must be smoking a lot of crack if he thinks this is helping things.

That's  just a few. Honestly Bart. It is hard to live next door to a country you loved and now have it
be your number one enemy. George Bush has single handedly ruined American/Canadian relations.
The worst part is, most Americans don't seem to care. Most Americans also don't seem to know that Canada
supplies the US with the most oil. We also supply the US with fresh water. (Now, thanks to NAFTA if there
is not enough oil for Canadians the US is to get it first. No shit Bart. Our water is being ruined and our ecology
screwed up. Think how bad drilling in Alaska is. Then remember we are right beside them and this drilling will
have such a terrible impact on our land and the aboriginal peoples who live there.

As a closing note, the Us gov't has made it such that even when a flight is going from Vancouver to say, Winnipeg,
because it crosses over American airspace the Us gov't is demanding a passenger list and whatever other data
held in our passports. You guys don't trust Bush, we trust him less because the media here can sometimes
be pretty honest. I say sometimes. Does this give the US gov't the right to take down Canadian planes? Yep.
We all know the US government cannot be trusted.

Bart, I hope that this lets people become aware of why many Canadians feel the way they do about the US gov't,
the corporate elite and the Xian right wing fundies. You have to understand, we don't want to end up like that.


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