The mail thing is once again out of control.

I recently, and accidentally, discovered some important mail that was buried in the pile,
so if you have something important, send it to Christian Livemore at
She has the address of a private mail box that I check twice a day.

I don't mean to sound like Mr. Big Shot, but I've had mail gridlock for a long time
and  is growing every day.

If you have a column-sized piece you'd like to see published,
send it to BrianSmasher at

If you have a short, ten-line e-mail to send in,
send it to Christian at

If you are overseas, and have a story that  readers might like,
send your pictures, stories etc to Nick at

To send cartoons, links to breaking news stories, hate mail or fan mail
or just something to be read by me only, send it to
but please don't double-send to more than one address.


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