Chicago Pokerfest

 We have a bunch of peo[ple coming, so I'm thinking 5 tournaments.
 Maybe we'll have a Noon game and 1 PM, a 2 PM. a 3 PM 4 PM and the finale at 5.
 Most people have opted to play in more than one tournament.


 These are the only people that have been cleared to play so far.
 If your name's not on the list, you're not in yet.

Vegas Dave from Vegas
Ryan G
Tom & Ally from Mich
John F
Trevor Y
LA Rick from LA,
Chicago Jim
Bart from K-Drag
Larry by the Sea from the West Coast
LRB from MN
John D
Joe B from Toledo
Art Cooper
Tyler the Studio man
Flaggstaff419  from Wyoming
Ray from Arkansas
Poker Queen

 You must be on THIS LIST  to play
 Please don't show up and say, "I thought I was on the list."

 If you're not on THIS LIST, you can't get in, unless you've played
 in a previous Pokerfest, then maybe we can arrange something.

 Also, you can't bring anyone to the game and cameras are not allowed.

 If you have a friend or a spouse or a whatever, they can lurk in the hotel bar during the game,
 but we're going to try to recreate the atmosphere they have on TV, which means no crying babies,
 no running, screaming children, no angry spouses that need time outs from the game etc.

 Chicago Jim and Sam are working on the after party, if one happens.
 Contact them if you have ideas on where "X" amount of people can party.

 If you have a question or need more details, write to Bart  and put "poker" in the subject line.

 Pokerfest Chicago July 17, with plenty of agave.

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