Chickens Come Home to Roost

 Remember in the summer of 2000, a Boston reporter surprised Weak & Stupid with a pop quiz,
 asking him if he could name the leaders of certain countries?  Governor Blow Monkey
 got all snippy with the guy and said, "No, I can't answer those questions  ...can you?"
 as tho it was that Boston reporter's job to keep up with global politics.

 One of the four questions that reporter asked Bush about was, "Who's the leader of Pakistan?"
 Bush admitted he didn't have a goddamn clue.
 "General ...I don't know," he stammered..

 That's when all the GOP machinery went into motion and declared there was "no need"
 for the president to have a clue about world politics as long as he had a good staff.

 Well, right now Pakistan and India, who each have nuclear bombs and the rockets to launch
 them at each other are sabre rattling - and our president doesn't know who's in charge over there,
 but probably someone on his staff does.

 Gee, aren't we lucky?

 The appointed Emperor has no brains and he has no inclination or curiosity to learn about anything
 and two countries he's not interested in are preparing to be at war!
 Pakistan wackos shot up India parliament and India shot a Pakistan drone out of the sky just yesterday

 ...and the moron that Scalia appointed doesn't know anything about it?

 Oh God, what did we do to deserve this?

Watch your mouth, Funnyboy
Don't you be blaspheming the Lord.
You criticize the president and you ridicule God.
Your time is coming, Funnyboy.

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