I know a lot of you don't want to hear one more word about fine, luxury tequila,
 but I made an important discovery and I had to share it with you.
 Since you clicked to get here, you must be interested.

 I made a discovery late night.

 This explains many of the things I've been saying about Chinaco Anejo.
 God's Nectar has many good qualities, but maybe none more important than this:

 It's the best palette-cleanser ever!
 I discovered this while eating Rice-a-Roni, of all things.

 Recently, I cooked a big batch of chicken breasts on the Bart-Grill.
 Tuesday night, we had Chicken Fajitas to die for.
 Last night, we mixed some of this grilled/smoked chicken with some
 Rice-a-Roni because she wanted to watch Survivor and you have to be
 very careful what you schedule for supper when watching Survivor.
 Same way with The Sopranos - no spaghetti on Sunday nights!

 She likes Survivor, I usually tinker with the dot.com when it's on.
 If the gang are about to do something funny, she tells me to watch.
 Anyway, until last night, I was rootin' for the gay guy.
 From my limited exposure to the show, he seemed like the normal guy.
 But then last night he took his pants off.
 Maybe I'm just a closet phobe, but I'll support a gay man as long as
 he has his pants on. When the pants come off, I get a little nervous.

 So it was time for supper.
 I still had my same bottle of Chinaco from Saturday, which is a record.
 I'd been working on the same shot for about 30 minutes.
 As I enjoyed my Chinaco and ate the Rice-a-Roni, I marveled at how good
 this regular Rice-a-Roni tasted. Sure, the grilled/smoked chicken was fine,
 but something else was going on - then it hit me:

 It was the Chinaco!

 Between bites, I was sipping a few drops of the world's finest tequila.
 The Chinaco floods the taste buds with the most desirable flavors,
 but it also takes your taste buds back to ground zero.

 That was the secret!

 That's why that Mexican food in Las Vegas tasted so great!
 No matter what food you're eating, no matter how great it tastes,
 you've got the problem of diminishing returns. The first few bites are
 always the best, but as your meal progresses, it's just "more food."

 But with just about three drops God's Nectar, you can re-boot your
 flavor sensors so each successive bite tastes like the very first one.

 I think this is very exciting news. At the ripe old age of 46,
 I've discovered a way to adjust and multiply the effects of the flavor of food.
 I've still got an ounce or two of that Chinaco, so tonight I will experiment
 further and see what other flavors can be manipulated.
 Koresh, if it works for Rice-a-Roni, think what it can do with real food!

 I'm doing good work here, making real advances in tequila research.

 Oh - there's an idea:
 Chinaco at Thanksgiving.
 Think about it.

 The flavor of the turkey.
 A wisp of fluffy mashed potatoe.
 A little bit of cornbread dressing.
 A tiny corner of cranberry.

 Oh, I think I'm onto something here!

 Also, their may be dietary benefits, also.
 Another thing I noticed about the Chinaco Effect was after cleansing
 the palette, I found myself taking smaller bites of the food, knowing there
 was going to be a flavor explosion in my mouth regardless of the amount.
 That made me take smaller and smaller bites. Once you try this, you'll know
 that each bite triggers a flavor explosion, I took smaller and smaller portions
 to maximize the fun, so I wouldn't miss any of the flavor.

 ...and to think I owe all of this to Paul Sorvino in Goodfellas, who, coincidentally,
 is the father of the girl who makes Catholic men have to go to confession!

 I shall continue with my research and report back to you.
 I may be turning the corner on a great culinary discovery.

  Chinaco Anejo - the flavor enhancer.

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