By Jordan Smith and Andy geller

June 3, 2001 -- Jenna Bush is caught in a trap.

The fun-loving half of the Double-Trouble Twins elected to stay home and attend
the University of Texas at Austin so she could live as normal a life as possible.
But Austin, a liberal oasis in a vast land of macho cattlemen, is polarized
over her daddy, the president and former Texas governor.

Half the people like George W. Bush, and half hate him.

And so, when the 19-year-old Jenna does something that would otherwise be ignored in
another college freshman, the half that doesn't like Daddy drops the dime on her, her friends say.
And that is exactly what happened this week when Jenna and her more serious
twin, Barbara, were cited for underage drinking, they say.

What about the Rule of Law, GOP?
Remember "The flag is falling?"
Why isn't the flag falling when a Republican gets caught?

"She's cool, and she's funny. She's just trying to be a normal freshman in college and do what
other college kids do," said a member of her Kappa Alpha Beta sorority.
"It's just ridiculous that people are giving her all this attention because they don't like her dad."

Adds a bartender on the city's popular East Sixth Street strip: "If it would embarrass her father, I'd do anything."

...and his name and employer is...?

Being in the national spotlight is not something Jenna and Barbara have ever  sought.
They value their privacy intensely, and their reluctance to become public figures was a big issue
when the family was deciding whether Dubya should run for the presidency.

Barbara, named after her paternal grandmother, decided to follow her in her
father's, her grandfather's and her great-grandfather's footsteps to Yale.

Jenna, named after her maternal grandmother, decided to attend the University of Texas
and remain in Austin, where the family had occupied the Governor's Mansion for five years.
She wanted a more normal life, friends say.

But for a college freshman in Austin - or anywhere in Texas, for that matter - normal means drinking.

The excuses that are made if your name is Bush are staggering.

A study by the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse found that, although the legal drinking age
in Texas is 21, 60 percent of college kids aged 18 to 20 had drank alcohol in the previous month.

Each weekend night, 20,000 to 30,000 college kids descend on the East Sixth Street,
a strip five blocks long that has 55 bars and restaurants.
Jenna, whose main college activity seems to be her sorority, is no stranger to the strip.

In fact, for the last three months, the Esther's Follies comedy club has been running a skit in which a Jenna
character stumbles across the stage and is about to flash her breasts when the Secret Service grabs her.
"We were doing this before she got busted, because we all know she's a big party girl," said Kerry Awn, one of the actors.

Jenna was having a beer at the strip's Cheers Shot Bar on April 27 when she
was ticketed for being a minor in possession of alcohol, or MIP.

On May 16, she pleaded no contest, was fined $51.25 in court costs, and sentenced to eight hours
of community service - which she has completed - and six hours of alcohol-awareness classes.
Her sorority sister, who asked that her name not be used, said everyone gets MIPs.

Well, if everyone gets caught breaking the law, then the law shouldn't be obeyed, right?

"I've gotten two in one month. Everyone has," she said.
"Jenna's living the life of a normal freshman in college."

Jenna got in trouble Tuesday night when she allegedly tried to buy a
margarita at Chuy's Tex-Mex restaurant using someone else's driver's license.

The restaurant's manager, Mia Lawrence, recognized her and called the cops,
who suggested she confiscate the fake ID and leave it at that.

The Texas cops know it's important to cover for the Tequila Twins - their name is Bush!

But Lawrence demanded that the police "do what they normally do."

Two days later, Jenna was charged with trying to buy liquor with a fake ID,
which carries a $500 fine and a 30-day suspension of her driver's license.

Her twin, Barbara, who was with her, and a friend, Jesse Day-Wickham, both received MIPs.
Patrons of Chuy's charged that the restaurant management was really trying to make trouble for Dubya.

"The only reason that Chuy's called the police is because the management
doesn't like Bush, and that's not fair," said customer John Ormberget.

Excuse me, which GOP office does John Ormberget work at?

In fact, The Post learned that Lawrence told a friend that is just what happened - she doesn't like the president,
so she didn't cut his daughter any slack.  Lawrence could not be reached for comment.

Where is the attribution?
Or was it in the recollection of a Bush staffer?

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