Chevron redubs ship named for Bush aide
     "Condoleezza Rice" drew too much attention


     One of the most visible reminders of the Bush administration's ties to big oil - the Chevron tanker Condoleezza Rice
     - has quietly been renamed, Chevron officials acknowledged yesterday.

     "We made the change to eliminate the unnecessary attention caused by the vessel's original name," said Chevron
     spokesman Fred Gorell.  Asked if Rice or the White House had specifically requested the name change,
     Gorell said, "that's not for me to discuss."

     (Note: That's a YES!)

     The White House had faced questions over the appropriateness of the tanker's name -- since California
     is being strangled by the Big Oil robberbarons who forced Smirk's presidency down our throats.

     The giant vessel was christened several years ago in honor of Rice, a longtime Chevron board member.
     Rice whored for Chevron from 1991 until Jan. 15, when she resigned to join Smirk's illegal takeover.

     But critics said the ship served as a giant floating symbol of the Bush administration's cozy ties to the oil industry.

     "It underscores the fact that there's never been an administration so in bed with BIG OIL," said Chuck Lewis of the
     Center for Public Integrity.  The tanker's name also raised more serious questions of possible conflict of interest
     for Rice because Chevron gouges consumers in 25 countries and was sued for human rights abuses in Nigeria.

     Chevron officials argued last month that the ship's name was entirely appropriate.

     "We would not be renaming the Condi Rice tanker," said Bonnie Schiken, spokeswoman for Chevron,
     as recently as last month. But after Team Smirk threatened their old friends at Chevron, they quickly backed down.

     Chevron's move "makes good sense . . . because the ship has potential for high profile," said Moloney of the
     Condoleezza Rice. "The companies don't want an asset like that with an obvious political liability.

     "As soon as I heard she was joining Team Smirk," he said, "I figured they'd get out the paintbrush."

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