I'm not sure how this will end, but I'd hate for things to go wrong and then
some millionaire writes saying, "Why didn't you mention it on the page?

In November of 1999 I quit my cushy, high-paying job for a cushy low-paying job
to see if I could get  bartcop.com  off the ground.  The lure was I that could use the
dead time at the new job (that paid half of my old job) to work on the page.

We went from about 500 hits a day two years ago to whatever we're getting now.
If we continued to grow at this rate, two years from now we'd be on the map.

But, now I'm being given "busy work" for no reason.
Friday, Monday and today I got maybe an hour to work on  bartcop.com
The rest of the hours seem like the old army joke,
"Move the pile of sand here, and when you're done, move it back."

Hey, this is very uncool.

If I'm not going to get my extra time, I'd be crazy to not go back to the other job
that enabled me to go to Las Vegas twice a year.  Trouble is, that means the page
would go back to maybe a couple of issues a week. I've had a great set up,
being there when the boss needed me and working on the page when he didn't
but it looks like we're at the end of that lucky streak.

I like doing the page - it's a lot of fun.
But I'm not willing to sacrifice my marriage for it.
I can't put in eight hours a day after I get off work.

It's too soon to panic, but the new schedule is in place.
Best plan would be to give it some time and see what shakes out,
but if somebody had half-a-mind to start a project that needed a smart-mouthed
know-it-all who really dislikes the mess Smirk has gotten us into, don't wait - contact me soon.

(Maybe the DNC needs a testicle implant?)

You can get me a whole lot cheaper than you could've a week ago.
If I'm going to make very little money, I'd rather do it with  bartcop.com
than the job I currently have.

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