Subject: Bush fumbled words....and 530 soldiers have died/
Response to kathleen parker

Dear Mrs. Parker:
I was not at all surprised when I read your gushing article over the unelected fraud, George W. Bush's dismally performance on
Sunday's "Meet The Whore" with Tim Russert (R).
You should be proud of yourself. You managed to write almost four paragraphs before you blamed Bill Clinton for allowing Osama
bin Laden to "build a world-wide army against us." That's real progress Kathleen.  Like alcoholics say, "one day at a time."
I feel like Dan Akroyd when he used to do "Weekend Update" with Jane Curtain on Saturday Night Live.  Remember when he
used to say, "Jane you ignorant slut?"
I feel like saying "Katherine, you ignorant slut." So there I said it. Say, I do feel better.
First of all, Bill Clinton did not "allow Osama bin Laden to build a world-wide army against us" as you foolishly assert. Clinton
relentlessly went after Osama and when he got really close and was hours away from capturing him, you and former exterminator
turned congressman Tom Delay and Helmet Head Trent Lott who approved of Henry Hyde, Bob Barr, Bob Livingston, Dick
Armey, Newt Gingrich and Strom Thurmond's sexual indiscretions but were horrified by Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky's
mutual sexual encounter, all screamed in unison like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, "NO WAR FOR MONICA!!!!"

Also, Clinton's CIA and Clinton's military tracked down Ramsey Yusef (who was responsible for the first World Trade Center
bombing) and Yusef was captured and tried and sentenced to prison for life. Clinton, also along with Janet Reno, the CIA and FBI
thwarted the Millennium Bomb Plot threat which allowed for a safe New Year's Day in 2000.  No one ever gives Clinton credit for that.
When Clinton was leaving office he warned George Bush that terrorism was going to be the number one threat that his administration
would face.  If George Bush had taken him seriously instead of taking month long vacations, going to bed at 9pm sharp or jogging,
3,000 Americans would be enjoying their families today and New York City's skyline would not have been changed forever.
What you fail to disclose in your glowing piece on Bush is the the fact that while Osama was assembling his suicide pilots to attack
the United States, George Bush chose to read "The Hungry Caterpillar" to elementary students. After he was informed that BOTH
planes had crashed into the World Trade Center, he STILL sat there reading.  Only he could have commanded NORAD to scramble
fighter jets to shoot down those renegade planes before they reached their targets, but he sat there and kept reading, for 23 more minutes,
after the planes crashed.  I know Bill Clinton liked photo opportunities too, but I'm sure he would have left the room immediately and
handled the situation. Your side of the aisle called Clinton a rapist, a liar, a murderer, a draft dodger, a tax and spend liberal, trailer park
trash and Rush Limbaugh, whom I affectionately call "the three hour hate" made fun of Clinton's teenage daughter on his own short lived
unsuccessful television show. But if the media reports that the Bush twins get drunk all the time, why that damn liberal media!
Kathleen, where is the liberal media? Do you include in the "liberal media" the following people: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly,
Oliver North, G. Gordon Liddy, Michael Savage, Mike Reagan, Don Imus, Dr. Laura, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Bill "the bookie of virtues"
Bennett, Alexander Haig, Bob Novak, Tucker Carlson, John Stossel, William Safire, George Will, Peggy Noonan, Cokie Roberts, Mort
Krondrake, Joe Scarborough, Dennis Miller and Fox News, The New York Post, The Washington Times and The Miami Herald? I doubt it.
Do you ever mention that there are 600 conservative radio talk show hosts around this nation and only 2 liberal ones? Not that I've ever seen.
Your other hero George Bush Sr., sold Hussein the chemicals he used to kill his own people.  Then when the Kurds wanted to rise up
against Saddam, George Bush Sr. told them to rise up against Hussein and America would back them up.  He lied. Our forces pulled out
and Saddam slaughtered the very people Bush promised to protect. In your article you claim "Saddam was a weapon of mass destruction."
Well, you can thank George Bush Sr. for helping him earn that title.
Don't get me wrong.  I don't think Tim Russert did such a bad job interviewing Bush. However, he failed to ask any meaningful follow up
questions and he threw Mr. Bush many more softball questions than he did when he interviewed Howard Dean the weekend before.
But then again, Russert is always tougher on Democrats than Republicans, because Russert himself is a conservative.
And you, along with most of the right wing conservative media are like Stepford Wives marching in lockstep with the claim that the world
is somehow a safer place since Saddam has been caught.  If that is true, why was the week following his capture the week that more American
soldiers were killed than any week on record?  Your man said "Bring it on" and they did. Can you imagine if Bill Clinton had said "Bring it on?
He would have been physically crucified in the well of the Senate.
Five hundred and thirty-four American soldiers will never celebrate another birthday, over 2,000 have been physically maimed and over
10,000 Iraqis are dead. And I just paid $1.72 cents for a gallon of gas.  It should be free now that we control all that Iraqi oil paid for
with innocent people's blood.
Bill O'Reilly, Robert Novak and other conservatives are finally seeing the light and distancing themselves from  the unelected fraud you
call president.  You can defend Bush all you want but I'd like you to answer one question for me: If John Kerry (who was awarded three
Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star and a Silver Star, dropped out of Yale to serve in Viet Nam, versus George Bush's claim to fame of keeping
Texas airspace free from the Viet Cong) can travel around this country campaigning with his "Band of Brothers" who served with him in
Viet Nam, why can't George Bush, the most powerful man in the world, produce one person who served with him during the time he
served in the Texas Air National Guard.  Not one.  Why? Was he the only person serving in the Texas Air National Guard at the time,
being trained to fly a plane that was soon to be retired and NEVER used in any war?
I always read your columns Kathleen, and I always take the time to send you letters written to the Editor of any of the newspapers that
I read by readers who disagree with your often bitter diatribes against all things liberal or to the left of Janet Jackson's boob.  I hope you
enjoy reading the letters I send you which are not only numerous but also contain the truth about the way you twist things to get your
sarcastic Clinton bashing, homosexual hating, gun loving, racist opinions across in your articles. How you can manage to defend moral
morons like Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and George Bush is beyond my understanding.
Well, I feel better now that I've set you straight.  One final bit of advice:  Before you blame Bill Clinton (and I'm sure you can't help but
do it again soon) for global warming, the SARS virus, earthquakes and flash floods, please check your facts.  It really would make your
columns so much more enjoyable, and most of all, meaningful.

Dean Everman
West Palm Beach, FL

p.s.  Please don't bother writing me a condescending little note like you did last time I wrote you stating "Mr. Everman, I'm not familiar
with your work."  I am not a syndicated paid shill like you are. I'm just one of the many middle class Americans out here paying for tax
cuts for millionaires and someone who looks around my church on Sundays at the young people in the service wondering when Bush
will start up a military draft so he can waste their precious lives in some god forsaken desert in the Middle East.

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