MIRC Chat - Feb 2, 2003, 8:45 CST

                      * Bartcop has joined #bartcop

                      <Joeve> He's all yours, bart

                      <Bartcop> who is all mine?

                      <Joeve> Spider

                      <Bartcop> ha ha
                      <Bartcop> he's here?
                      <Bartcop> knives or pistols?
                      <SpiderMBA> Neither.  Ideas.  Words.
                      <SpiderMBA> Go fight with knives in prison.
                      <SpiderMBA> Resolved: That Bartcop is abusive and malicious and profane
                                              very much like millions of other Democrats, and that
                                              such slander and libel is destructive, counterproductive
                      <Bartcop> yak, yak, yak, let's talk issues
                      <SpiderMBA> and dishonest.
                      <Bartcop> OK. I'm a bad man, feel better?
                      <SpiderMBA> Libel and slander are valid issues.  You use them constantly.

                      <Bartcop> This is about me, personally, and not the issues?
                      <SpiderMBA> I repeat, this is about Democrat slander and libel
                      <SpiderMBA> YOU are merely the worst offender of such maliciousness
                      <Bartcop> I'm gonna do a shot, lemme know when you're thru

                      <SpiderMBA> and hatefulness I have ever encountered.

                      <Bartcop> I have 988 issues posted, you got a problem with any of them?

                      <SpiderMBA> You don't post "issues" so much as you call people names, and curse at them

                      <Bartcop> I call a fool a fool, what's wrong with that?
                      <Bartcop> I call a liar a liar and a whore a whore
                      <SpiderMBA> Is that how your professors talked in class to you
                      <Bartcop> my professors?
                      <SpiderMBA> I repeat, "Is that how your professors talked in class to you?"

                      <Bartcop> this isn't a debate, it's "This is your life"
                      <SpiderMBA> I am bringing to the forum the very theme of "debate"
                      <SpiderMBA> as you practice it - HATE!
                      <SpiderMBA> You don't "debate".  You spew venom, sir and call it "debate".

                      <Bartcop> Throw me a fastball, let's see what I can do with it

                      <SpiderMBA> I just did.
                      <SpiderMBA> You ran for the dugout.
                      <Bartcop> ha ha
                      <SpiderMBA> Whatever will you say without your name-calling and profanity?
                                              What WILL you say?

                      <Bartcop> Unless we start a debate in the next 2 minutes, I'd just as soon watch Kingpin

                      <SpiderMBA> The debate is your slander. The debate is Democrat libel.We see it daily and hear it daily.

                      <Bartcop> 90 seconds...

                      <SpiderMBA> VP AL Gore:  "The extra chromosome right wing. That is what you consider "debate"
                      <Bartcop> Let's go back to regular talk - we don't have anything here

                      <SpiderMBA> What about "90 seconds"?
                      <SpiderMBA> Oh yes.  The issue is your profanity - your pathological profanity

                      <Bartcop> The two rules, were 1: The pardon, 2: You bring the fight to me
                      <Bartcop> calling me names isn't bringing the fight

                      <SpiderMBA> Your psychotic profanity and libel.

                      <Bartcop> ha ha
                      <Bartcop> why doesn't someone sue me?

                      <SpiderMBA> I suppose you don't have two nickels to rub together.

                      <Bartcop> I'm gonna watch Kingpin, y'all talk amonst yourselves

                      * Bartcop has quit IRC (Quit: )

                      <Joeve> Well, THAT was fun
                     <SpiderMBA> What a man!

                      <VonRex> you had your chance spider and you had nothing to say
                                        i think your entertainment value has ended

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