It's a debate with a probable Old Catholic Priest.

I could dust some suger on every word I write,
but it'll save me hours if I just talk freely.

It first glance, I can't prove he's a priest,
but he spells good so I'd bet he is.

...and I just love a debate with someone who uses punctuation!

Subject: A thought

Dear Bart,

I have been a fan of yours for a considerable amount of time and enjoy you sharp satire
and cynicism as well as you take on the world in general. I especially enjoy your distain for
the “sacred and the totems” that have caused so much agony in world history.


I guess my only complaint is your lack of respect for spirituality.

How do you define your terms?
If it's real, I believe in it - and so should you.

If spirituality means believing a non-living spirit can communicate with believers, then no.

I think of spirituality as a goal to shoot for like, "being in good spirits," or saying,
"I'm sure our football team will win next week," to show you have good school spirit.

But the talking dead?
Don't you have to slam the door in logic's face to even consider it?

Now I know that you don’t have a belief in God and that is fine with me.

One thing?
I strive for logic and science.
I don't know you well, but I'd be willing to bet that you'd guarantee me that there was a God.
As a man who strives for logic and science, I can't guarantee there is no God.
I can only say it makes no sense.

As human beings, how do we turn our backs on that which makes sense,
and turn towards that which doesn't make sense.

But to act as though the belief makes the believer
into some “Pat Robinson” or “Benny” caricature hurts.

With all respect, I think it's up to you to show why the anti-logic belief
should be considered or honored or respected.

And, if it hurts, why doesn't your side police its own?
Why doesn't your group release a statement that says Robinson is a loon?
Do holy men protect each other like cops, doctors and lawyers?

As far as "Benny," I don't exactly remember where that came from.
But does respect for the Pope come with the title?

This Pope can do anything and maintain your respect?
I think that's dangerous.

(They say - I wasn't there) he was the Karl Rove of the Vatican.
The hatchet man, the arm twister, the machinist with game on,
and the next day he's a more moral man because John Paul II died?

Has more power ever changed a Rove into a Lincoln?

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