Subject: RE:  Stephen Emerson - more info


Great site. But I went kind of nuts when I saw Mr.Anderson's posting of a one 'Stephen Emerson' quote.
It didn't take much to find the source of the article:

- In the article he claims to have known about al-Qaeda since the early 1990's, but I thought that
they hadn't formed as 'al-Qaeda' until much later. - He also claims to be a former CNN reporter which is not true.
- This article refers to another article in U.S. News and World Report. U.S. News is owned by Mortimer B.
Zuckerman(also owns, New York Daily News, The Atlantic Monthly and Fast Company). Emerson and
Zuckerman have (or are) both on the Council on Foreign Relations. Zuckerman is also on the International
Institute of Strategic Studies and an advisor for the Jewish National Fund.  I don't know of any wrongdoing
by Mr. Zuckerman, but there sure is lot of conflict of interest. is one those extremely prolific right-wing nut sites, run by one Christopher Ruddy - a big chaser
of Clinton, here's some more info on him:

But the reason I went nuts is Stephen Emerson is a LIAR and MEDIA WHORE. There is no proof of his
expertise whatsoever - try and find a reliable biography on him, I dare you. After 9/11 I began
reading more and more, and ran into Stephen Emerson cause he was on just about everywhere; and after
finding out more information about it seems that our media outlets will let anyone on who is aggressive and
loud enough. You find more information about this scumbag on this page:

Mr. Anderson, I notice you have an email address. I don't know if you are in India or are
using it for anonymous reasons, but read the article by John Sugg. You might note that Mr. Emerson
might have had a hand in bringing India and Pakistan to war.

Dylan Rogers

Dylan, when I saw the address, I thought that mean Anderson might be a reporter
with an actual web presence, but I searched on for his name and nothing came up.

Had he been real, I was going to invite him to a very public ass-whooping.
I know if I stay at this long enough, I'll find someone to debate.


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