60 Minutes lead up to the Bush-Cocaine story
 (Bartcop exclusive)   by Faun Otter

Why did GWB  avoid his physicals and not turn up for his National Guard duty? The facts suggest he
was doing time in a Houston community center after being busted for cocaine possession:

>>Oct. 18, 1999 | A new book by Texas author J.H.

Hatfield claims that George W. Bush was arrested for cocaine possession in 1972, but had his record
expunged with help from his family's political connections. In an afterword to his book "Fortunate Son:
George W. Bush and the Making of an American President" (St. Martin's), Hatfield says he took a second
look at the Bush cocaine allegations after a story in Salon reporting allegations that Bush didcommunity
service for the crime at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center in Houston's Third Ward.


What does chicken George say about the charge that he did community service? He says they got the
name of the community center wrong.... or he has his surrogates avoid the question. Check out this
cross examination by the great Helen Thomas at a Whitehouse press briefing:

"Q: Did the President ever have to take time off from Guard duty to do community service?

Scott McClellan: To do community service? I haven't looked into everything he did 30 years ago, Helen.
Obviously, there is different community service he has performed in the past, including going back to that time period --

Q: Can you find out if he actually had --

Scott McClellan: Helen, I don't think we remember every single activity he was involved in 30 years ago.

Q: No, this isn't an activity. Was he forced to do community service at any time while he was on --

Scott McClellan: What's your interest in that question? I'm sorry, I just --

Q: Lots of rumors. I'm just trying to clear up something.

Scott McClellan: Rumors about what?

Q: Pardon?

Scott McClellan: Rumors about what?

Q: About the President having to do community service while he was in the National Guard, take time out for that.

Scott McClellan: I'm not aware of those rumors. But if you want to --

Q: Could you look it up? Would you mind asking him?

Scott McClellan: That's why I'm asking what's your interest in that? I just don't understand your interest in that.

Q: It's what everybody is interested in, whether we're getting the true story on his Guard duty.

Scott McClellan: Well, you have the documents that show the facts.

Q: I'm asking you to try to find out from the President of the United States.

Scott McClellan: Like I said, it's well known the different jobs he had and what he was doing previously, that we know. That goes back to --

Q: I didn't say ‘previously.’ I said, while he was on Guard duty.

Scott McClellan: But you're asking me about 30 years ago. I don't think there's a recollection of everything he was doing 30 years ago.

Q: Well, he would know if he had to take time out. . .."

. . . and so on, for fifteen minutes.


What is all this stuff about GWB and a community service program?

Funny you should ask. You can bet your socks that if George W Bush volunteered to help inner city kids,
this fact would be part of every tear jerking bio-mercial for the glorious leader that the RNC ever spewed
onto our TV screens......  Unless it might cause people to ask WHY he was doing this service instead of
his ANG duty. Here is part of Bush Minor's official biography from a US State department site:

>>In the spring of 1972, he left this job and went to

Alabama to work on the unsuccessful U.S. Senate campaign of Republican Winton Blount. Returning to
Houston, he became a counselor for African-American youngsters in a program called PULL (Professional
United Leadership League). The program brought together volunteers from the athletic, entertainment,
and business worlds to work with young people in a variety of ways. George taught basketball and
wrestling and organized field trips to juvenile prisons, so his young charges could see that side of
life and resolve not to end up there themselves.


In the fall of 1973, Bush enrolled in Harvard Business School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

You better screen grab this article before it gets scrubbed. From:

A related trivia question; can anyone tell me why GWB got a new driver's license with all his previous records expunged?
Before anyone tries to say that there is no corroborating source on the story of GWB using cocaine, check this article:


So here are the facts:

* GWB got into the Texas ANG because his father pulled some strings with Ben Barnes, the TX speaker of the
house. He did it through a close friend, a well connected oil baron who also had two sons in the
Champagne unit. This allowed the Bush family to deny having spoken directly to Barnes.

* Bush Minor failed to attend his TXANG physical inspite of a direct order to attend in late 1972.

* In spring 1973 Bush was working in Houston in Operation PULL and did not attend any of his ANG duty there or in Alabama.

* Two separate sources say Bush was abusing cocaine in about 1972.

What should the media be asking GWB?

Is it fair to debate Bush's drunk driving record and ask him if there are other arrests that he has not confessed to previously?

Does it matter that  John Kerry risked his life to save his crew mates in Vietnam but George Bush was out
of his skull on illegal drugs having chickened out of serving his country? If we had a real press corps in
the US, they would be asking questions about this cover up every day.

It matters.

Cocaine destroys brain cells and I don't want a President with a damaged brain, a hidden criminal past that our
enemies could use to blackmail him, who lies to cover up his crimes or who chickens out of risking his own life
to protect our nation and then send a thousand brave Americans to their graves hunting fictional WMDs in Iraq.

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