Subject: I'll try one last time
Bartcop my dear,

I don't know whether you have been reading my several emails responding to your challenge to state 
*specifically* why I think you are not much use in furthering the cause of the true Democratic party. 

I haven't been ducking you.
There's no reason for me to duck anyone or anything.

("True", as opposed to "Republican Lite", a.k.a. DLC, a.k.a. centrists -- a coven of lawyerish dillitantes which 
all real Democrats recognize as being capable of winning an election, yet innately feckless in the effort to get the
government back on a track that will respond more directly to the needs and interests of the citizenry at large, 
rather than to baldfaced personal ambition and/or the economic pressures of applied corporate bullshit.) 
I reckon either you aren't reading them (my emails), or that you don't quite know how to answer them.

We try to entertain here in the Tequila Treehouse.
If one's e-mail seems fun or important, I'll print it.

What I've been  trying to point out to you, love, is that you are a victim of corporate brainwashing. 
Your heart is in the right place, but your head is fathoms and leagues behind it.  I once called you a "dupe". 

Now I remember why I don't read your e-mails :)

That may have been the wrong word: I meant that you are brainwashed. Mindfucked. 
But that doesn't make you a bad person or any less sexy, Bart.  You're still "The Man". . .

I'll bet you make your best points very soon.

I know, with your backing of Hillary -- who'll never make it through the primaries -- you see yourself as a "realist". 
And your disdain for those whom you call ultra-leftists in our party is based on that same obtuseness. 

Hold on - your Hillary comment - are you a gambler?
Are you guaranteeing the future with no penalty if you're wrong? 

But can't you please drop that silly male ego, you cowboy, and exercise a bit of self-examination? 
I am trying patiently to reveal to you that in actuality you are less than an astute realist. 

Here is an excerpt of something I read this morning.

Historian Howard Zinn made the point well:

"Realism is seductive because once you have accepted the reasonable notion 
that you should base your actions on reality, you are too often led to accept, 
without much questioning, someone else's version of what that reality is. 
It is a crucial act of independent thinking to be sceptical of someone else's 
description of reality." 
    -- The Zinn Reader,  "Brilliant Fools"   Link

I must be more stupid than even you realize.
I have no problem with Howard Zinn, but if 
my choices are Howard Zinn or reality, I'll take reality.

... Concerning this wise advise, Bart, please reread what I said in a previous email:

YOU think George McGovern is an ultra-leftist (and so do Republicans)
YOU think Mike Dukakis is an ultra-leftist (and so do Republicans)
YOU think Fritz Mondale is an ultra-leftist (and so do Republicans)
YOU think Ted Kennedy is an ultra-leftist (and so do Republicans)
YOU probably think Dennis Kucinich is an ultra-leftist (and so do Republicans)

Democrats think think these folks are liberal Democrats.

What difference does it make what we call them?
They're all to the left of the only Democrat to win two terms since WWII
...and nobody on your list ever won a big election.
How do you not remember Mondale losing 122 states to Reagan?

Do you want to lose with pride?  Again?
Aren't you tired of losing with pride?
I damn sure am.

Give me a flawed Democrat over the Bush Family Evil Empire any day.

Do you claim to speak for the "normal, regular" Democrats?
Were you elected or did you appoint yourself? 

Okay, this is my last try.  I leave you with a dictum from the ancients: 
"An unexamined life is not worth living."

Still hot 4 u,
      -- Fern

How 'bout more facts and less cute?
I think you've done - ar best - an incomplete job of making some kind of point.

Whatever labels you want to put on people, attitudes, parties or political orientation,
people to my far left can't get enough votes to win an election - can you address that?

Write back, and please lose the "ignore reality" quotes and the "dictums from the ancients" and say something.

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