Bart's call of the BIG fight in the chat room
    with commentary by chat room regulars

<Bartcop> after TWO, it's Lewis by a nose
<Bartcop> uppercut is landing on Tyson's chin

<Shade`> It's Lewis by a nose

<Bartcop> uppercut is landing on Tyson's chin

* bacteradio shouts YES!

<Bartcop> Bites = 0 so far...

<bacteradio> thanks Bartcop

<Bartcop> after 3, Tyson's eye is cut, Lewis seems tired, but winning

<(Lost)> I wonder if Lewis's corner is putting tabasco on his ears between rounds now...

<BartCook> Patrick, I just can't believe they are still letting Tyson fight at all...

<AndyMon> where are they fighting?

<Shade`> memphis

<marty> memphis

<Bartcop> 4th round - tyson goes down!!!
<Bartcop> Tyson seems old & Chinese

<Shade`> allright!
<Shade`> his face slipped on a Lewis right, I'm sure...

<Bartcop> Tyson is Lewis's bitch - so far, but Bite still has teeth

<mdelgado> bartcop i mentioned your expression "harder than chinese geometry"

Sidebar: Stolen from Pryor

<FireHeart> Hiya Bartcook

<Lost> Anyone reporting on the fight?

<marty> Bart has been, Fud

<BartCook> Bartcop is calling it for us, Cappa

<Bartcop> 5th round tyson loses it, too

<hholli1> tyson down in the fourth round

<Cappadonna> Hey Guys Whose Watching Tyson/Lewis

<Shade`> fight over?

<Bartcop> Tyson can't reach, can't find Lewis

<Cappadonna> Tyson is getting ass kicked.  This is round five's end.

<Bartcop> between rounds, now

<Shade`> is the cut spreading?

<AndyMon> poor mike

<Bartcop> Lewis's corner saying "kill the motherfucker," swear to Koresh

<AndyMon> poor me ($20 lost)

<holli1> so Lewis will win by technicality?  that SUX

<Shade`> probably to intimidate him, keep him from trying any bullshit...

<Bartcop> tyson eating leather by the bushel

<Bartcop> "Candy from a baby" the announcers are saying

<Shade`> the longer the beating, the better...

<Bartcop> No, Lewis should knock him out

* bacteradio shouts YES!

<bacteradio> thanks Bartcop

<Bartcop> Tyson is dazed & confused
<Bartcop> Tyson's first day at school

<Shade`> it's time for Lewis to knock Jerry Springer out of the ring once and for all

<Bartcop> Tyson not throwing punches

<Fud-gone> tysons last chance is probably to knaw at Lewis's face
<Fud-gone> munch munch munch

<Bartcop> tyson's dying

<hholli1> LOL fud

<Shade`> and set himself up for a head butt

<marty> maybe a fine chianti & some fava beans, too

ha ha

<Bartcop> after 7, Lewis is mopping the floor [with Tyson]
<Bartcop> Tyson not fighting back, just taking punches

<PatrickS> what's the score, Bart?

<Shade`> sounds like the ref needs to stop it

* bacteradio shouts YES!

<Bartcop> no telling, but I have it 5-2, Lewis rules

<Cappadonna> Tyson just said I want to go home!!! Holy Shit, Lewis is kicking his ass!

<bacteradio> thanks Bartcop

<Bartcop> tyson is scared
<Bartcop> it's over!!!!

<Kai-> welcome to Bartcop Isle

<Bartcop> Tyson bites the dust

<Shade`> TKO?

<Bartcop> tyson goes out a woman

<Snabby> KO?

<BartCook> woowoowoo!!!!

<Bartcop> Major KO

<Shade`> heheheh

<hholli1> what happened?

<PatrickS> YEAH

<Shade`> cool... flattened?

<Bartcop> One hueueueuege right and Tyson ate canvas!!!

<hholli1> ew

<Shade`> allfuckinright!!!

<Bartcop> Tyson's corner was about to throw in towel

<Fud-gone> hahah go lewis man

<Bartcop> it was so bad, there may not be a second fight

<Shade`> they gonna claim foul now?

<hholli1> LewisLewisLewisLewisLewis

* bacteradio YES!!!!!!

<Bartcop> If this was football, it would've been 42-10

<Kai-> so he didn't bite off any body parts?

<Cappadonna> Tyson just got knocked out, Lewis in 8.

<Gordon_Guano> frickin' aye!

<Bartcop> Tyson laying there, BOTH eyes and nose bleeding

<Shade`> damn...

<hholli1> still laying there?

<Fud-gone> holy shit

<BartCook> yayayayayay!!!

<Bartcop> Good night, unsweet prince

<Kai-> lights out!!

<Shade`> I think this was the first time Tyson was up against someone with the potential to really hurt him...

<Bartcop> Lewis toyed with him the last 5 rounds

<Shade`> Holyfield isn't known as a power hitter

<BartCook> Thanks again for the play-by-play Bartcop and Cappa

<Snabby> Indeed

<marty> thanks

<Bartcop> Want to buy a Tyson bobblehead doll?

<Shade`> only if the head swells up

<PatrickS> only if it bleeds from eyes and mouth

<Snabby> But BC, it's broken

<Fud-gone> yeah for sure with all those without HBO and pay per view

<Bartcop> Tyson's eyes swelled shut, he looked 50 years old

<bacteradio> I want to thank you BC for the updates!!! Thanks

<Shade`> his career should be over...

<Bartcop> ...and STILL, the undisputed champ, Lennox Leeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwissssss

<Fud-gone> so Tyson looked like mitch green ahahaha

<Shade`> jolly good, old boy!

<Bartcop> Lennos looked pretty, not a mark on him

<Bartcop> Jim Gray's about to get his ass kicked by Tyson in the smart-ass, after-interview

<PatrickS> Bart, he schooled him

<Bartcop> schooled him & almost screwed him

<Bartcop> Tyson GROVELING!!!!

<Bartcop> "Thank you, Lennox, for giving me chance"

<Shade`> groveling?

<Bartcop> like a girl!!!

<Shade`> oh gawd!

<Bartcop> (no offense to you women)

<Bartcop> he's begging Lennox for another fight, downright BEGGING

<Bartcop> Tyson, "Thank you for giving me a chance"

<AndyMon> what's wrong with him?  He lost his mean

<Shade`> Is Lennox saying, "Now run along, that's a good champ, have some tea... nanny will take care of you..."

<AndyMon> this is just sad

<Bartcop> Tyson is wiping sweat off Lewis's face - swear to Koresh
<Bartcop> Gawd, it's worse than sad

<Shade`> oh man, that's... just...
<Snabby> WTF??

<hholli1> If Tyson doesn't KO someone in like ROUND ONE, the other guy will whoop his ass

<Bartcop> "I'm Lennox's good friend, I LOVE HIM and HIS MOTHER!!!"

* Shade` doubles over laughing

<Bartcop> ha ha

<Bartcop> Swear to Koresh

<BartCook> ROFLMAO

<Bartcop> "I have MUCH respect for Lennox, I'd love it if he gave me another shot."

<marty> thought he was gonna eat lennox' children...

<hholli1> ha ha

<Bartcop> Tyson's less dangerous than a priest tonight

<Shade`> be funny if Lewis had a message... " my kids told me to tell you:"

<Gordon_Guano> wha?!!? Tyson has gone off the f-in deep end

<Bartcop> Tyson"I was just kidding about that pre-fight hate"

<hholli1> ha ha

<Bartcop> tomoro, everything I'm saying will be in the paper
<Bartcop> ...if they tell the trooth!

<Midderpidge> did he cry "No Mas?"

<Bartcop> all night, Lewis was jab, jab, jab SMACK!

<Fud-gone> tyson is over the hill, his last chance is gone

<Bartcop> ha ha, they just showed Tyson's bloody face laying on the canvas
<Bartcop> Tyson begged like Smirk talking to China

<Shade`> we were discussing MWO earlier... you know any of those people?

<Bartcop> ...maybe, you work for

<PatrickS> lol

<Shade`> F**K NO!

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