Derailed Train
Issue #2

Rush Limba - Lying Nazi Whore


Some Days You Just Can't Win.

I heard Rush Limbaugh laugh at the news that a homeless man was crushed to death while sleeping in a dumpster.
Old Rush has a sense of humor.
He makes fun of people.

Rush makes fun of Clinton, too.
He makes a big issue of Clinton's draft avoidance.

Does Rush give people or issues a fair shake?

Would Rush be easier on Clinton if he'd gone to Vietnam?
I wonder how that might've worked out......


Bill Clinton, an outgoing, eager young buck was class president, captain of the debate team
and tight end for the Hope Tigers. And he had the same passion for war as Pat Buchanan!
Clinton put off his Rhodes Scholarship to volunteer to kick Charlie out of South Vietnam.

Meanwhile, Pat Buchanan hurt his knee kicking a cop's ass, and claimed a medical deferment.
"Damn, I wanted to go fight in that hot jungle," he told the Washington Times years later.

Bill Clinton hit the front lines in August.  He took a bullet in the hip helping a buddy to safety
The bullet shattered the bone and the medics removed his left leg. Heading back, it took
eleven days to get to Saigon, six more to Hawaii, another 12 to get home to Arkansas.

Bill Clinton arrived back home in Hope, twenty one years of age with a Purple Heart,
a missing leg, racked with depression, bouts with suicide and an addiction to morphine.


Bill Clinton fought his way back from drug addiction.
He beat depression, but then he drifted into severe alcoholism.

He had a few girlfriends over the years but his mood swings and blackouts ruined the few
relationships he could sustain. In his last years, Bill Clinton drifted to Louisiana, where he
roamed the streets, begging for a few dollars to buy some "Train."

Pat Buchanan went on to be (the 1996) Republican nominee.

Bill Clinton, Vietnam War hero, recipient of the Purple Heart, died last week in New Orleans.
He was 47 years old.
He was crushed in a dumpster, seeking shelter from the rain.

...and Rush Limbaugh made fun of him.

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