From USA Today    9/15/99

Two people own the rights to the MASH TV show.
Those people are Alan Alda and Larry David.

Rupert Murdoch's FOX Network sold the rights to broadcast MASH reruns
to the F/X channel, which is also owned by Fox Network.

The problem is, he sold the show without taking any other bids.
That's a crime.

Alda and David sued that prick Murdoch and won.

So, what did Murdoch do?

He sold the rights to the X-Files to F/X the same way.
That's another crime.

David Duchovny owns a piece of the X-Files, so he's suing Murdoch.
He's going to win, just like Alda and David won.

Is there anything worse than a stupid crook?

Now, here we go a third time...

That cheating prick Murdoch sold NYPD Blue reruns to F/X for less than the going rate.
Steven Bochco owns a piece of NYPD Blue, so he's suing that prick, too.

Koresh, that Rupert Murdoch is a stupid thief.
I'll bet he learned that shit from his buddy - this man.

One last slam before I close:
Rupert Murdoch was the biggest purchaser of paparazzi photos of Diana Spencer.

Is there a cheesier bastard in this country?
I think he should go back to Australia and fuck himself.

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