Welcome to the world of the unknown.

My name is Teri and I am a paranormal investigator.  In this article I will be
sharing with you my experiences with the unexplained.

I am a member of the Oklahoma City Ghost Club – PRG (paranormal
research group) and have been for a year and a half.  Our aim is to prove that
life after death does exists and therefore death, itself, should not be feared.  I
am a ghost hunter but you can put away any pre-conceived notions of slime
or ray guns.  What I am sharing with you is real, not a movie.  As I participate
in investigations, you will receive a first hand account of what transpires.

I want to start by sharing with you an on-going investigation and research
site we’ve been doing at an abandoned hospital in central Oklahoma.

The building dates back to the early 1900’s when in 1903 it opened its doors
for the first time.  It not only served as a hospital, but a nursing training
center as well.  Throughout the years it was bought and sold many times to
different organizations and religious affiliations and in 1979 a portion was
leased to an agency that catered to the County Youth Center.  The agency
held a boy’s home there for many years.  It is now a privately owned
abandoned building in major disrepair but the structure and exterior are
extremely beautiful and especially ominous.

From the minute you enter the building you know you are not alone.  This
was evident to me the very first investigation I went on.  It’s not so much the
footsteps that follow you up the stairs or the rolling of beds and carts down
the hallway that are clearly audible on our recordings.  It is more the general
feeling of having something behind you with every area you venture in the
building.  You can feel the presence of an unknown escort with you every
step of the way.

As we walk through the dark, abandoned hospital with recorders we have
picked up voices of men groaning, women screaming doors slamming and
babies crying.  It is really quite errie to hear this phenomena knowing it was
going on while we were there but was inaudible to the human ear.  We have
caught many apparitions on film and have, in a sense, developed a relationship
with the restless entities in the building.  Being a hospital, it had a lot of deaths.
That makes this place a sort of Disneyland of spirits, ghost activity and phenomena.

There are times when you enter a floor of this 6-story place and you become
very nauseous, dizzy and disoriented.  We believe that it is the spirits who
invoke these feelings within us.  The other ways they make their presence known
are sudden cold spots of air, a suffocating “heavy” feeling or sometime they even
touch you.  (I have had ghosts stroke my hair, before).  At times they omit a
fragrance in the air similar to sweet grass, flowers or even the foul smell of death.

The scariest experience is the infamous 5th floor.  There is a negative energy
on this floor that literally chased me and a friend out of the building one
evening.  This energy is pretty strong and would make any grown person
jump up and leave.  It’s hard to explain, but a “doomed” feeling sweeps over
you and you just can’t shake it.  It’ll make you sick and want to get as far
away as possible.  We call this entity “Mr. Nasty” and he preys on woman,
especially those with fears and insecurities.

Last weekend, we sat in a room on this 5th floor that is known to be very
active with ghost activity.  We got out a message board to try another form of
communication with the entities.  (A message board is similar to an Ouiji
board only in the manner and technique of which it is used).

We placed our hands on the indicator piece and watched it slide around and
spell out the word “HI” to us.  That evening there were rocks and pebbles
thrown (in light play) by “something” we couldn’t see.  It threw these
pebbles at the same member pretty much all night.  So we asked the spirit
board if the person saying “HI” was responsible for the pebbles that were
being thrown.  The board didn’t move as all of us sat and watched in
anticipation.  The room was silent, although full of people, when we all
heard a man’s voice give a firm “NO!” from what seemed to be the next
room.  It was certainly NOT any of us!

Unfortunately the recorder was not running during that experiment and so it
is not considered evidence although everyone in the room heard it.  It felt as
though the spirit was right there with us and the sternness in his voice was
that of anger.  Was he mad that we didn’t know who was throwing the
rocks?  Or was it because we accused him of it?
It was most definitely an odd moment of communication with a ghost.

At that time it was nearly 3am and due to the 2-hour drive I faced,
I decided to pack it up and call it a night.  And so we left.

I hope you found this to be informative, interesting and entertaining.
The next article I will tell you of the results of a séance we did and
of other strange occurrences during our many visits.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions, suggestions or comments.
I would love to hear from you!  I can be reached at:


Until the next KarmiKConnection

I've known Teri for twenty years, I met her thru Sabutai.
But I didn't know she was a ghost chaser until she was on
K-drag's KMOD radio with Phil & Brent, also known as Roy D Mercer.

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