Who was the last recession-free Republican president?

 Let's take a look:

 The Unelected Fraud got us into our current recession by insisting on a tax cut for the super-rich.
 This came as the economy started to slow as a jittery Wall Street saw the Return of Economic Voodoo*

 His Daddy was fired because he didn't have a clue how to handle his multiple mini-recessions.

 Saint Reagan dragged us into a hueueueueuege recession that almost bankrupted the country.

 Gerald Ford and Tricky Dick the co-conspirator had those goofy "Whip Inflation Now" buttons,
 as tho wearing a damn button on your lapel was a good substitute for sound economic policy.
 They're the buffoons who brought us runaway inflation and double-digit interest rates at the same time,
 even tho the GOP would have you blame all that on Jimmy Carter.

 Eisenhower had two recessions, back in the fifties.

 That makes SIX Republican presidents in a row who bungled the economy into a recession.

 Of course, if we keep going back, we'd find that Republican Herbert Hoover didn't have a recession - no.
 He had a full-blown depression (caused by Coolidge, another Republican) and it took a Democrat to pull us out of it.

 Remember how FRD did it?

With government spending!

 So what is the Unelected Fraud doing to get us out of the Bush Recession?
 Keeping in mind that the government is American industry's best customer,
 he wants to reduce government spending, guaranteeing a further spiral into the ground.

 Clinton showed us how to stoke the fires of America's great economic engines,
 but Clinton's way didn't line the pockets of the super-rich, ...so Bush won't go there.
 Bush will never take any action that doesn't enrich the Bush Family Evil Empire.

 Oh, God, what did we do to anger you so?
 Why, God, did you send Weak & Stupid to destroy the Clinton Miracle?

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