Mr. President, you have not taken my advice, so far.
 I recommend you take it for the last debate.
 In your closing statement of your last deabte,
 I suggest the following:

 I'd like to address the women of America.  My opponent can not look you in the eye
 and give you a straight answer on the subject of women's reproductive rights, because
 the plain truth will cost him votes and he wants to win, so I'm going to speak for him.
 On the subject of your reproductive rights, the governor can only answer with some
 fuzzy talk about "not having a litmus test," because he's hiding the truth from you.

 If Governor Bush is elected, and if President Bush is presented with legislation
 to outlaw your reproductive rights, he will sign that bill into law.
 This is a fact.

 The women I've talked to all over this country have told me that control of their
 bodies is very important to them, and I think it's important for you to know
 that you're going to lose those rights after this election.
 If the women of America want to turn control over their reproductive rights,
 to Jesse Helms and Tom Delay, voting for Governor Bush is the right move for you.

 But if you think the federal government does not belong in your uterus, if you think
 you can decide your family's future better than some old, white, federal bureaucrat a
 thousand miles away in Washington DC, I'm telling you in plain English that you need
 a Democratic president to maintain your control over your family planning.

 In Communist China, the government makes these decision for their citizens.
 Surely, you don't want the government to control your ability to have children.

 I have given you my guarantee that under a Gore Adminstration, women will retain
 their reproductive rights, and I reaffirm that pledge tonight.

 There are many examples of conservatives wanting to turn back the clock,
 but this is perhaps the most drastic, at least for the women of this country.

 If you want the Republican party to make these decisions for you,
 voting for Governor Bush is what you want to do.

 If you think you and your husband can better make these choices,
 President Gore will not allow your rights to be taken away from you.

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