He is the star of one of the biggest movies of the past year. She is the star
of a popular television show. They are now dating. Is their relationship real?
Not quite.

They are both single, good-looking, successful actors who share the same publicist.
Yes, this relationship was cooked up in a publicist's office. (Note: PR relationships
are so much easier when there is only one publicist involved!) Their initial contract
is only for just a few months. Then they will have a chance to decide whether they
both want to renew. The upside is that they really don't mind hanging out together,
have become real friends, and have garnered themselves a lot of publicity. The PDA
is just for the cameras at this point and they haven't slept together yet but one of
them is hopeful that it will become something more. We think this fake dating
relationship could actually become a real one!

Any guesses?

People have been writing to ask about answers.
I don't have them, but some of these shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

How many REALLY big movies were there last year?
And how many of those male stars have been dating a current female TV star for the last few months?
A little digging (Maybe might even tell us who their publicist is.

If somebody wants to take the lead and create a FB page to kick around clues,
I'll link your page to this one and maybe you'll get some helpful feedback.

If this takes off, it'll go on forever because there are hundreds of these already on line
and maybe ten new ones go up each day.

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