(wishing to remain anonymous)

   We've all heard the typical (and wishful) stereotype of white racists that niggers and their supporters put forth. Yes, that tiny minority of uneducated white trash trailer dwellers who supposedly "hate" out of fear and resentment of the negro race.....NONSENSE!

   If anyone truly hates the niggers and has a right to do so, it's the highly educated and affluent white. These are people who resent seeing so much of what they do being wasted in the never ending attempt to civilise the negro.

   Sure, there are negroes who applied themselves in school, stayed out of trouble, got that good job, invested their money prudently and now live the American dream. But for all their heroic efforts, their labors do not come close to compensating society for the damage done by those negroes who are content to live the nigger lifestyle. They find a comfortable niche on the fringes of society and then dare to complain about their lot in life, blaming whitey to the end.

   How many TRILLIONS of dollars have been spent over the last 50 years in programs designed to up-lift the nigger element in society?  How much money is wasted in early intervention, law enforcement, the criminal justice system, emergency medical care, urban renewal, etc. How many deserving whites could've been helped but were turned away so the money could be lavished on ungrateful niggers instead?

   Imagine what could have been accomplished with those wasted resources? We could have remodeled the planet into a genuine Utopia. We could have self sustaining colonies on the moon and Mars. We could have found the cure for cancer decades ago. But no, the niggers come first.

   All those possiblities, pissed away just to mitigate the damage done by a tiny segment of society that refuses to assimilate and behave like normal decent people.

   Oh, you won't see many wealthy people speaking out like this. For one thing, the affluent really don't give a shit about niggers or their opinions. That's something politicians exploit. And these folks are a gracious lot. They keep their "offensive" opinions to themselves and only share their choice nigger jokes amongst each other. But don't be fooled Sambo, they hate your guts just as much as any Klansman, maybe more. Because the nigger has taken something dear from them and their children......... the future.

Hey everybody, thank the nigger for helping destroy civilisation...

(In unison)   "THANKS NIGGERS"

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