I heard from an old friend.
Let me show you his letter, then I'll explain.

From: gregg@juno.com

>Oh you found him all right (actually, unfortunately, I found you), but  you obviously
>lack the CHARACTER to admit that it's YOU who keeps "ducking" someone
>who met your challenge, and mopped the floor with your pathetic "quiz."

>God works in mysterious ways: now YOU know the frustration of not getting a
>response from a loud-mouth who can easily be intellectually deconstructed by his
>own words.

 Jeff, it's good to hear from you.
 I thought about you when I wrote that challenge to the rushonline dude..

 I'm going to print your e-mail, to prove I'm not ducking you.
 I know you see me as a blowhard with excuses,
 (which is half-right) but I really do enjoy a good fight.

 Perhaps you've been keeping up, but if you remember we were
 about to spar when I was too busy to debate.

 I'm going to print your letter and ask for one last chance for you to re-send your
original questions, or were you responding to something I wrote?

 I figure if I put your ducking charge on my page,  people might be curious.
 Once I post it, I feel I can no longer be accused of ducking you.

 I have those old e-mails somewhere, but I've had over 2,000
 since the weekend JFK Jr went down, so finding them would be tough.

 Take a free shot, or a dozen free shots.
 Take the BartCop Quiz or whatever you like.
 Or, attack something I've written lately.
 The fastest way to get this done would be to ask short questions,
 even better if you number them. That way, you can say,
 "You didn't answer questions 2 and 5."

 I'm trying to be honest with you - I love a fight.
 Maybe you're the guy who can take me down a peg.


 Look for your letter today...

Here's the deal:

About six months ago, during my term-paper, can't-get-anything-published era,
Gregg wrote and answered the BartCop Quiz.

Seems like he did a decent job of it, but he was long-winded, as I remember.
I lost his first e-mail, and asked him to send it again.
He did, and it was long, or something, and I didn't get it in the next issue,
so I told him I'd do it next issue, and I either lost it or something.

He's wrong that I'm ducking him, but he's got every right to accuse me
because I did fail to answer his letter.

So, Gregg, here's the plan:
Send me something that's not too long-winded and it'll go up the next day.

Tell me if you want your real e-mail address used.
As long as you're not a complete jerk, I don't think anybody will bombard you with hate mail.
My readers are pretty sharp, and I think they'd like to see a good, fair fight.
Nobody likes a first-round knockout, but also, nobody likes a fifteen-round decision.
Make your points short, but be as ruthless as you want.

I, and the millions of  bartcop.com  readers are ready for you...

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