PC Gurus and various TIPS for getting 

 There's no way I can get between each person wanting to hear the sound files and the techs who probably can help you resolve your problem. If you can't get your radio and don't find an answer here send an email to the gurus listed below.

 guru-fix01.htm   is a file of tips that might help.

 If you're a tech and you're able to get somebody online with some tech magic, e-mail me
 with your proceedure spelled out so we can spread your magic to the others, too.

 Helpful Hints:
 If you're on AOL, try saving the file on your computer as an mp3.
 The AOL media player might think the .m3u file isn't valid.


AOL 6.0 includes the AOL Media Player, a subset of the functionality of WinAmp, that is, well, broken.

The AOL Media Player doesn't understand links to MP3s. You have two choices.

1. Click on the "Download the MP3 file" link instead.
    AOL Media Player will stream the file for you like the other link should.
    You'll have to right-click this link and choose "Save Target as..." to actually save the file.

2. Disable AOL Media Player and use another Media Player
    To disable AOL Media Player, do the following:
    Click on "Settings" in the AOL Toolbar.

    Choose "Preferences" from the menu.

    Click on the "Multimedia" link.

    Uncheck "Use AOL Media Player for supported file types," then Click "Save"
    If you already have another Media Player (WinAmp, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, etc.) installed,
    it should now work normally. If not you can install one now, or update an older version.

 Possible fixes for those not getting BartCop Radio

 Just my $0.02 worth, but the buffering problem some people are seeing
 could very well be network and/or connectivity related. More info would
 be useful, though...how are the people that are experiencing problems connecting?

 Are they using dial-up, DSL, Cable, etc?
 Are they having the same problem with other sites? Etc....

 First of all, connectivity:
 If they are using dial-up, the connection may be slow, or the line may
 be noisy. This would be the fault of the phone co. that owns the lines,
 & is usually not a problem with the computer or the ISP.
 People using DSL or Cable shouldn't have any problems in this regard.

 Now for network issues:
 Not much you can do about this, either. Some ISPs are infamous for
 over-selling their markets, not providing adequate equipment, etc., and
 slowdowns can occur anywhere along the line.

 Remember a few years ago when John Glenn was sent on the Shuttle?
 I tried to watch the launch on the CNN website. At the time, I was
 working for an ISP, (yeah, I used to do tech support) & we had a *very*
 fast connection. Lotsa bandwidth.

 No could do...I tuned in about 1/2 hour before the launch, & the
 connection got slower & slower, & finally timed out. Got audio, but no
 moving video. Tried other sites, but they were *all* getting pounded.

 Anyway, a couple of diagnotic tools to try.
 On a Pee Cee, go to a DOS screen, and type:

 tracert www.yahoo.com

 then hit enter. This will show any slowdowns from point A (you) to point B (yahoo),
 as well as the number of hops involved.   Another tool is this: in the DOS screen, type:

 ping www.yahoo.com

 then hit enter. This gives an idea of the relative speed & quality of the connection.
 Smaller numbers are better. Timeouts are not good.

 On a Mac, you will need a telnet program if you are using any OS before OS X;
 a dedicated telnet program is preferred on a Pee Cee, as well, since the ping
 command under DOS only does 3 pings. Under OS X, there is a network utility
 built in that does traceroutes, pings & more.

 Hope this helps.


 Zack  dedeye@hotmail.com

 Chris  bleedingheartliberal04@hotmail.com

 Matt  perkypat23@perkypat.com

 Leland   MLR2@bellsouth.net

 Adolfo  atinoco@hawaii.rr.com

 Dan  Dan@Radardan.com

 Sillius  elskorcho@hotmail.com

 Jonathan  sneezingdog@krypto.net

 Shelly  violet@darkerviolet.com

 Clell  clellharmon1@earthlink.net

 AJ  ajcortez@mindspring.com

 Adrian  adrian-johansson@cfl.rr.com

 Clay  danielj@cmc.net

 Mac Gurus

 Leland   MLR2@bellsouth.net

 Dan   Dan@Radardan.com

 Ben  ben@macslash.com

 AJ  ajcortez@mindspring.com

 Duncan  dwmcqueen@mac.com

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