Subject: Love your website

 I marched in the Inaugural protest and felt that I was witnessing something monumental.
 I was dumbfounded when I realized that the media had entirely ignored the mass rejection of pResident Bush.

 I was in a deep depression until I found Bartcop, and now I now longer feel lost in a wilderness of ditto-monkeys.
 Your daily dose of rational thought gives me hope.

 Just one question....I've noticed Paul Harvey and horse molester used in the same sentence.
 Can you enlighten me?  I've never heard about this.

 Keep up the good work

 ha ha

 It's all true - every word of it - you didn't know?
 I even have a witness.

 Hey, Mr. Ed, answer this question:
 Has Paul Harvey ever let a day go by without "bothering" you?

 There you go - right from the horse's mouth.
 Illinois just passed  the "Harvey Law," which makes animal sex a felony.

 ha ha

 He deserves this and so much more.
 And if it was not true, why doesn't he sue me?

 ha ha

 The Paul Harvey thing goes like this:

 In 1996 (pre-Monica) between the two conventions, I heard Paul Harvey say that Bob Dole
 loved his wife, and their marriage was real. Then he stated, for a fact, that Bill and Hillary
 did not love each other, that they just had a marriage for power's sake.

 Since that could only be true if Bill or Hillary told him (they didn't)
 he must be taking an accusation and assigning it "fact" status.

 I figured if that was how the game was played, I could play by those rules, too.
 I thought a minute about the most scurrilous thing one could say about an old man
 and "sex with horses" was the most disgusting thing I could think of at the time.

 Since this is fair game in Paul Harvey's world, that ugly statement is TRUE!
 It's a FACT that Paul Harvey performs sex acts on stallions.
 That's the game he plays.

 Sometimes Republicans write and tell me how "vile and disgusting"  is,
 but they don't realize I'm using Rush/Hannity/Harvey tactics, which they enjoy immensely
 when the lying is done about Bill Clinton or Al Gore.

 You see, they don't LIKE having their tactics used against them.

 Thanks for the note, glad you like the site,


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