Subject: Rush's hatefulness reported by three, no, four sources

How big of a pig is Rush Limbaugh?

Ernie reports:
Rush did not extend a message of condolence to Bill Clinton when he (Clinton) lost his mother.
In fact he kept on with his regular attacks even the day the man lost his mother. Don't tell me
he does not hate the man. The same goes for when Hillary lost her parent. David, I drew a line
and reached my conclusions at those points. Rush cannot fool me. It was disgusting to me as a
human being how he kept on attacking the two individuals even the days they lost their parents.

If it was a Republican friend of his or a Republican current or former official like the Bushes
or the Reagans, he would open up his program with messages of condolence.
David, I know Rush very well. Stop defending him. He has his faults and he hates the Clintons.

Maybe you want another example.
What about when President Clinton broke his leg in a golf outing with the "Shark"?
Rather than extend a get-well message, Rush ridiculed the president and made fun of him.
No single get-well message. Again, he will not behave likewise if he did not hate the man.
He would not behave like that if it was Bill Bennet, Newt, Dubya or his father, president Bush.

Eckhard reports:
He indicated that when protesters get in the way of traffic, they deserve to be run over
(this was in regard to either Seattle or Washington, I don't recall which). He also said elderly
people in the Northeast have only themselves to blame for freezing in the winter because they
voted for Clinton. He said that if a gene for liberalism is found, he'll support selective abortion.

On his TV program, he said that, in addition to the White House cat Socks, there was a
White House Dog. That was followed by the presentation of a picture of Chelsea Clinton
behind him. He later blamed a staffer, but never explained what he was going to use to follow up
his introduction to the joke, if not that picture. This was long before the Clintons acquired Buddy.

He once described former Labor Secretary Robert Reich as a "munchkin," as though he can't
help the fact that a childhood disease stunted his growth. I didn't personally hear this,
but I have it from a trustworthy source that he gave a severe tongue lashing to Kurt Cobain
AFTER THE  LATTER'S SUICIDE! As if a shotgun blast to the head was not enough
for this moral monster Rush Limbaugh!

Ediotr's note: I heard it. Worse than you'd figure, Pigboy went off on Cobain and called him
"a useless human debris" and "everything that was wrong with America."
It's real damn hard to exaggerate what Rush says.

Rob reports:
My personal last-straw moment with Rush was on the day environmental activist Judi Berry
died from cancer. Rush literally cackled with glee when he announced her death, and spent
the ten minutes at the opening of his show completely mischaracterizing her life and
accomplishments. I haven't listened to him since, and don't miss his show at all. The hatred
needed to lie and defame a dead person, and the obvious pleasure he tok while doing it
made me realize what a poor, sad little man he really is.

I'd like to repeat two of my "favorite" Rush tantrums:
The day Tip O'Neill died, Rush did the entire three hours on what a horrible, evil, greedy,
self-serving, harmful to America, destroyer of wealth, pinko-commie," and he went on
and on for so long, (and I can take almost anything) I called the local Nazi station and
asked how they could continue to broadcast three hours of that filth and they just said,
"That's just Rush being Rush."

But one of his most vulgar days ever had to be the day their buried Jackie Kennedy.
He had his people search the globe for Why-I-hate-Jackie stories.
She didn't love Jack,
she was a snotty, snobby bitch,
all the niceness was a sham,
hated the little people - and she always hated them,

On and on and on, for three full hours.
Then callers know that Rush is putting Jackie-haters on the air,
and everybody wants to be on Rush's show, right?
So the more outrageous the hate, the quicker you went on and the longer he let you vent.

Every disgusting thought you could ever hear, Rush produced it that day.
And just to prove what a classy guy he is, as they were lowering her body into the ground,
Rush said, "I wonder if that grave is any colder than the bed she shared with JFK?"

I heard it myself, so don't tell yourself it didn't happen,
 that son of a bitch.

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