"With its totally tasteless Wellstone memorial, Democrats killed Walter Mondale's chance
  of winning that seat and hurt Jean Carnahan in Missouri as well. Why didn't the Clintons,
  instead of clapping and laughing, send word backstage to tone it down?
    -- Margaret Carlson, (R-Backstabber) blaming everything on Clinton AGAIN, this time
        calling Wellstone's Memorial the most outrageous thing that happened in politics all year.

 Here's an incomplete list of things that outraged Carlson less than Paul Wellstone's Memorial.

the continuous assault on the Bill of Rights by President Oil Slick and his religiously-insane AG
the upcoming war against an oil-rich nation disguised as a "war on terror"
allowing BIG TIMBER to rape the forests at will, just so Bush can get more donations for 2004
allowing BIG POLLUTERS  to secretly write air quality laws, just to get more donations for 2004
rolling back the standards on clean water
rolling back the standards on clean air
allowing BIG OIL to secretly write America's energy policy
giving the crooked CEOs less than a slap on the wrist for stealing billions from thousands
Cheney doing commercials for Arthur Anderson, "a company you can trust"
the insurance lobby and BIG corporations paying Bush to limit their liability damages
the religiously-insane Ashcroft running from nudity on statues and calico cats
Ted Olson preparing for his inevitable appointment to the Whore Supreme Court
    (Gee, I wonder which way he'd rule in the next vote-counting dispute?)
Smirky McWarhardon using "Let's roll" as a rallying cry at the damn Winter Olympics
the crooked voting machines that gave five GOP candidates the same number of votes
   (If numbers could fall that way naturally, there wouldn't be a Vegas)
appointing "bloody hands" Kissinger to investigate 9-11
a president so incredibly stupid, he actually said "Fool me once, ...won't be fooled again"
Bush saying the Palestinian/Israeli conflict should be worked out "on their timetable, not ours."
the Catholics methodically and systematically protecting child rapists.
   (That didn't outrage Catholic Carlson at all, but rallying Democrats? Now that's an outrage!)
Bush and Cheney helping to overthrow Venezuela's government to get better oil deals for the B.F.E.E.
The Carlyle Group getting ready to make billions from their Lil' Puppet's oil war
Karl Rove being the second most powerful man on the planet, his pet Chimp being the first.
the possible murder of Paul Wellstone - not a problem, Carlson can look past that if there's
   a chance for her to get in another shot at Clinton who was not in charge of Wellstone's service
The most powerful man in the senate waxing nostalgic for the great days of segregation
the Clinton-hating pundit monopoly which Margaret Carlson seems to have joined.
   (Margaret, do you have kids entering college? Is that why your turned whore? For the kids?
    How expensive is Harvard these days, Margaret? When are you moving to Fox News?)
Max Cleland (D-War hero, tri-plegic) losing because he was painted as "unpatriotic."
    (There's certainly nothing for Margaret to be outraged about there...)
Bush lying about not having made up his mind about invading Iraq.
    Just like with Clinton's impeachment, they're going to do it no matter what the evidence shows.
the tax cuts that have thrown 31 states into near-bankruptcy, but then again, maybe Carlson
    is now making enough money to qualify for one of Bush's windfalls for the super-rich
Al Gore not running for re-election because he knows people like Ho Carlson and Ho Cokie will
   spend the entire year of 2004 lying about him, fabricating quotes and praising President Dumber.

 There are hundreds more, but the internet is only so big.
 Margaret Carlson has joined the dark side and now sits squarely on Karl Rove's lap.

 Margaret, if you wanted to beat up the Democrats, why not attack them for giving up?
 Why not attack them for creating a one-party system to praise the never-elected oil stooge?

 ..and since you've learned that attacking Clinton is the most profitable industry in America
 after prosititution and drugs, it can only mean one thing - you have a book coming out and
 you need to boost sales by appearing on Hannity, O'Reilly and the vulgar Pigboy's show.

 Margaret, you're a whore - now get out of here.

 Thanks to Barry Crimmins, whose year end review  assisted in this rant.

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