I got an e-mail from a guy who started a website because he
 was tired of reading the pro-Bush lies his local paper was publishing.

 I think that shows spunk.
 I like spunk.
 I think everyone who's tired of reading pro-Bush lies in their paper
 should do what this guy did and start a website to refute the lies.

 I told him I'd give him a plug.

  Click  Here

 If you started a site that refuted the pro-Bush lies in your paper, I'd give you a plug, too.
 If 100 people did this, we'd grow together and we might be able to compete with the big money liars.

 Consider it.

 I'm talking to Perkel, my host, about the possibility of hosting what would be
 almost like a global  bartcop.com  on the local level.  How about that?

 bartcop.com Athens
 bartcop.com Bangkok
 bartcop.com Calgary
 bartcop.com Detroit
 bartcop.com Evansville
 bartcop.com Franfurtt
 bartcop.com Geneva
 bartcop.com Helsinki
 bartcop.com Indianapolis
 bartcop.com Jacksonville
 bartcop.com Keokuk
 bartcop.com Las Vegas (Oh, we have one of those, already...)
 bartcop.com Madrid
 bartcop.com New York
 bartcop.com Oslo
 bartcop.com Portland
 bartcop.com Quito
 bartcop.com Reyjavik
 bartcop.com San Francisco
 bartcop.com Toronto
 bartcop.com Utah
 bartcop.com Versailles
 bartcop.com Washington
 bartcop.com Xenia
 bartcop.com Yipsilanti
 bartcop.com Zurich

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