Andersen CEO: Economics broke Enron, not misdeeds

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 Enron's meltdown into the largest bankruptcy filing in U.S. history resulted from a fundamental
 economic failure, not illegality or suspect accounting, the head of its audit firm said Sunday.

 ''To my knowledge, there was nothing that we've found that was illegal,'' Arthur Andersen CEO
 Joseph Berardino said on NBC's Meet the Press.

 ''This is a company whose business model failed. The accounting reflects the results of business activities.
 And the way these events were being accounted for were clear to (Enron) management and to the board,''
 Berardino added. ''But at its base, this is an economic failure.''

 ...then we're all in trouble, because Bush is using Enron tactics on the American treasury.

 Kenneth Lay intentionally overstated the growth Enron would have,
 just like Bush is intentionally overstating our GDP in his budget projections.

 Kenneth Lay intentionally understated the debts Enron had,
 just like Bush is intentionally understating our debt projections in his lastest budget.

 Lay was cooking the books and all the while telling his employees, "Our future is bright,"
 just like Bush is cooking the books and promising a "quick recovery" with Reagan's voodoo economics.

 Lay grabbed all the employee money he could get his hot little hands on, and the Enron fat cats split it up
 using 900 phony corporations to hold all their ill-gotten loot, and then when it all popped Lay said,
 "It must be an accounting problem."

 Same with Bush.
 His fat cat contributors all got multi-million dollar gifts from Uncle Sam,
 while you and I got a pitiful $300 and when the whole federal treasury pops, Bush will say.
  "It must be an accounting problem."

 Bush is doing to us what Lay did to those Enron employees.
 Bush and his friends will get billions from his phony budget numbers while the little people
 are left holding a bag of smoke and staring at monster deficits far into the future.

 But hey, long as the Bush Family Evil Empire gets theirs - that's what's important.

 Bush has already raided Social Security to fatten the wallets of the fattest cats.
 "Tax cuts for my wealthiest contributors, so help me God."

 Bush is screwing us and he's using the Enron model.
 The Bush Family Evil Empire always gets theirs,
 but all 280 million of us little people are just getting bent over.

Why are the Democrats doing nothing?
Why don't they show up and work for their paycheck?

 By the time we get rid of the Bush Family Evil Empire,
 we'll all be saying "Ich bin ein Enroner."

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