Have you bought any books lately?
Could any of them be considered critical of any policies of the Bush administration?

You need to be aware of the anti-terrorism law our president signed in late October.
Among other things, it gives the federal government the power to search bookstore records,
including book titles purchased by individual customers.

Just try to pull something on us - just try...

If that is not bad enough, this same law prevents your bookstore owner or her lawyer from objecting
in court or publicly in any way, since this new law contains a gag order making it illegal for any
bookstore owner to disclose to anyone that he received an order from the government to produce any documents.

It's now illegal  for a bookstore owner to speak to his customers?
Bush and Ashcroft have made it illegal to speak?

What's wrong with us?
Why aren't we fighting this?
Are we just going to take this?

It's now illegal to speak?
This is horseshit!

I knew when we lost our right to vote that things were bad, but I had no idea...
These monsters have deprived us of Freedom of Speech, too?
I didn't see an expiration date on this insanity, either.

If the Democrats had any brains courage, patriotism or self-respect, they'd spotlight this atrocity
for the 2002 elections and take back the House and repeal this Hitlerian horseshit.

Watch it, boy.
Anybody who gets out of line will see a military tribunal.
What do you think this is, a free country?

...Hey! I'm talking to you, Funnyboy.
LOOK AT ME when I talk to you!!!

Go to Hell, Ashcroft.
You're insane and I don't like you throwing our Constitution away.

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