Alaska Court Rules on Concealed Gun
  Insane people have a right to carry guns?

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 Judge Natalie Finn took away Timothy Wagner's gun permit after he claimed someone
 had implanted a computer chip in his head and injected him with deadly chemicals.

 A state appeals court, though, ruled that Finn erred,
 saying Alaska's concealed-carry law does not allow
 general concerns about mental illness to play a role
 in deciding whether someone should have a gun.

 ...sorry, I fainted.

 I'm going to read that last sentence again.

 ...sorry, I fainted again.

 To quote Mel Brooks, ...our country's turning into shit.

 This is what happens when a religiously-insane man with a gun fetish is appointed the top cop.

 A hearty "thank you" to those gelding Democrats on the Senate Judiciary commitee
 for allowing a man they KNEW was insane to take over law enforcement in America.

 Remember Bush signing that law in Texas that enabled people to carry guns in church,
 carry guns in stadiums and even in the courthouse where children are taken from their
 parents and people's lives are destroyed with findings of guilt?

 That's not enough for a Weak & Stupid president and his logic-challenged attorney general. they're giving guns to the insane!

 How much more are we going to take?
 Remember how great this country was before Scalia took away our right to vote?

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