Iran Contra still haunts the Bush Family Evil Empire
 In Lawsuit Against Iran, Former Hostages Fight U.S.

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 "It never occurred to me when I was getting the crap beat out of me in a Tehran jail cell
  that I would have to one day fight the same government that I was defending.
  It's just so demoralizing. So discouraging."
    --  David Roeder,  the U.S. Air Force attache at the Tehran embassy in 1979

 Bush can't afford to have anything related to Iran get near a courtroom.
 If people start asking questions, Saint Reagan's legacy would be ruined, Poppy Bush would have to explain
 why those hostages were held until after Saint Reagan ascended his royal throne and Weak & Stupid would
 then be seen as the son of a traitor.

 Bottom line: The Bush Administration will fight this with all they've got.
                       The truth must remain buried if Usurperboy Bush is to be seen as legitimate.

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