Bush Says bin Laden is fading into irrelevance

 Bush has declared that Osama bin Laden is fading into irrelevance.
 Saddam Hussein remains "a problem," and "we're going to deal with him," Bush said.

 Shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks, Bush said he wanted bin Laden "dead or alive."
 Since then, bin Laden gave him the slip and now he's "irrelevant?"
 Fuck that.

 I doubt he's irrelevant to the thousands of still-mourning New York families.
 I doubt he's irrelevant to the millions who watched TV September 11th.
 I can guarantee he's not irrrelevant over here at  bartcop.com

 (trying to control the rage...)

 You stood on the bodies buried in the rubble at Ground Zero and got that bullhorn
 and swore to the whole world that you were going to bring bin Laden to justice.
 Why do you think your approval rating went so high?

 Did you use those remains to grandstand for political purposes, George?

 It was because people, even me, believed you when you said you'd kill bin Laden, because,
 after all, having people executed is the only job you've ever done well in your entire life.

 ...and now you're saying "nevermind?"

 Bush said, in a news conference Wednesday, "I truly am not that concerned about him."

Well, we don't care what you think,
President Never-Won-an-Election.
 We want you to prove your word means something.

 Don't you go hopping around from country to country to distract us while your
 crooked family rapes the US treasury and monkey's with the Bill of Rights.

 You PROMISED bin Laden's head - and we want it.

 I couldn't care less what you CLAIM is your concern.
 carry out your promise to bring him to justice, jackass!

 I took a lot of heat from the left when I supported this war,
 because I wanted revenge on bin Laden, but now you want to let him go?

 Was that always in the script, George?

 Letting your friend Osama get away?

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