To the Editor:

Ruth M. Collom of Atlanta, Texas, in a Letter to the Editor on March 14,
stated that Molly Ivins is full of hate and venom for "our new president."

Molly Ivins researches her columns carefully and is very accurate.
Perhaps she may be somewhat biased. However, Bob Greene, William F. Buckley
and George Will are extremely biased and very often twist the truth.

Ms. Collom talks about disgrace of the last eight years. The administration of the last eight years
gave us the longest economic expansion in history. That great economy has already begun to crumble.

Clinton was the most investigated president in our history.
Could George Bush undergo such intense scrutiny?
Bush took bribes from the Koch Corp. and allowed the refinery industry to make Southeast Texas
the most polluted area in the country. Gov. Rick Perry (R) is working with the Legislature to correct
the damage done by Bush.  Perry appears to be a good moderate Republican.

The Bush brothers stole billions from the Silverado Savings and Loan. George W. Bush and Richard Roundtree
plundered the Texas Teacher Retirement System and left it $4 million in debt. After all, the Texas teachers
actively campaigned against Bush.

George W. Bush also pilfered from the University of Texas trust funds.
After all, the University of Texas denied George Bush admittance to graduate school because of low grades.

Bush also denied California and Washington federal emergency aid after earthquakes and power problems.
California and Washington voted against Bush. I do believe Bush is somewhat vindictive.

Bush also admits to being a drunk until 40 years old.
He avoided the draft with rich influential friends get him in the Texas Air National Guard.
He went AWOL for two years after being grounded for refusal to take a drug test.

Ms. Collom, you talk about a divided nation.
Yes, it is very divided. Molly Ivins did not cause that division.
Chief Justice William Rehnquist and Justices Anthony Kennedy,
Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Sandra Day O'Connor split this nation on Dec. 12, 2000.
A wound that will take decades to heal.

Today, Ms. Collom, your president is attempting to create a two-class country-one class of a financial
aristocracy and a peasant class. Ms. Collom, Bush has no intentions of you being one of the aristocracy.
For more information about the Bush tax cut on the Internet go to the Citizens for Tax Justice:

Joe Forgy

Texarkana, Texas

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