Subject: serious Catholic stuff

Yeah, yeah, sure. You and Ryan are simply scandalized by that awful church
controlled by rapists (your term). And of course $900 million is no compensation
whatsoever for all that fooling around, no sir.

So far, your intentions are unclear.
Are you saying we should accept child rape and move on?
Are we suppoosed to be "not outraged" by the ongoing Catholic serial rapes?

Sadly, a couple of naughty thoughts cross this poor sinner's mind.
One is, my newspaper subscription must have been lost the day they announced
the  ratio of molestin' catholic priests to the general populace at large.

Again, your writing is unclear.
Are you trying to disguise your thoughts?
Why am I having to guess at what you're trying to say?

Surely you wouldn't wade into battle without knowing that that ratio is somewhere
near a gazillion-to-one, now would you?

Your "facts" are in error.
If you're trying to say there are just a few raping priests, then why doesn't the church get rid of them?
Instead of firing them when they get caught, they move them to a new parish where nobody knows
the priest is a rapist so they can troll for fresh victims, the sons of bitches.

I'll tell you what seems to be their problem:
They have so many raping priests that if the rapists left, the Churches would be empty.

Click  Here  to listen to the BCR version - to save me a bunch of typing

's funny, I just had to  sit through a TV report today about "Jessica's Law", provoked by a
rape-murder of this cute li'l 8-year-old, and nobody mentioned a cassock anywhere near the perp.

Now you're just being goofy.
Nobody said the Church was responsible for all rapes.
The Catholics are only responsible for a billion dollars worth of reported rapes.

Me, I was kinda cute when I was an adolescent, and got myself diddled a couple of times by older men
(born and raised Unitarian here. Didn't so much as see a priest until well into my adulthood).
Was I frightened and upset by the experiences? You bet I was. But I went home and a good night's sleep
and felt better in the morning.

I can't tell if you're being serious, but you have very odd communication skills.
If you're a survivor of sexual assault, and consider it "no big deal," then good for you.
I've never been assaulted, but I'm sure there are many degrees of damage can be done to a young victim.
Some horrific episodes... and some like yours... that weren't life-crushing.

But you're not telling the others to "knock it off," are you?
You'd be a pretty heartless bastard to belittle someone else's sexual attack without knowing the details.
Can you be that bad of a person?

I read of these men who got similar treatment at a similar age who now claim to have been permanently ruined
by naughty-naughty, thirty years of sexual disfunction and so forth, and I think, the promise of a slice of that
$900 million couldn't possibly a factor in their tales of woe, now could it? Because I wonder  what sort of
meathead could be wrecked for life if one of his earlier orgasms had a little assistance?

Koresh - am I reading these words on my monitor?
I think you just said sexual assault was "no big deal."
I think you also just said people who were devastated by a sexual assault should "knock it off."

Maybe you're as heartless as you seem - or - maybe you were hurt more than you recognize.
You seem to discard someone else's sexual privacy like you would a used napkin.
Is that what happened to you?

Did you lose something precious, and to reduce that loss in your mind, you figure others
who have gone thru what you went thru should just "get over it?"

You also misunderstand the purpose of the $900M payouts.
The legal system is trying to educate the Catholics into admitting that raping kids is expensive.
So far, the Catholics refuse to learn that lesson, so the cash paid out every year gets higher and higher.
Maybe when they have to start selling their precious Vatican art collection they'll wake the fuck up.

Wow. Sure is a good thing at I am not a roman catholic, nor are you or Ryan,
because otherwise it might matter in the least what we think about this stuff.


It would be interesting to read your writing on another topic, because you clearly have trouble
building sentences that make sense. That last sentence is a train wreck of dysfunction.
Do you talk like you write?

Dude, ordinarily I pound insensitive bastards into the ground, but I think you might need help.
I think you might even be dangerous, carrying around the idea that forced sex with kids ain't no big thing.

I hope you're young enough to still have a future without this baggage.
Talk to someone who is trained to sort these things out.
It couldn't hurt.


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